Anyone Have Placentaprevia

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melissa - May 18

I have placenta previa.This is my first pregnancy.Iam very scared and my doctor wasnt very helpfull he didnt really explain.I am 21 weeks.If you have and advice or help please let me know.


Brooke - May 19

I found out I had a partial one when I was 13 weeks but by 20 weeks everything was fine. It depends on what type of previa it is but if your doctor didn't give you any restrictions I wouldn't be too worried.


JC - May 19

I had placenta previa my first pregnancy. It often goes away (shifts) by the end of the pregnancy. Mine did . It is just something they monitor in case you would have to have a cesarian instead of giving birth v____ally.


jenny - May 24

I am 18 weeks and aldo have placenta previa (complete) coverage over the uterin opening. In most cases this means we will recieve a c-section, because the chances of hemorage is very high. Spotting is to be reported immediatly, and other procautions must be made. I myself am very much afraid of the word c-section, this is my bigest fear. The babies will be fine as long as abrupto placenta does not accure. This is where the placenta comes away from the uterus. If you need more info. go to the medical encyclopedia on the web.


Lori - June 8

I am 22 weeks I have placenta previa too. My nurse said that 90 percent of the time it corrects itself. its nothing to worry about really if it doesn't move you will require a c-section. Its just something they like to keep an eye on.


Debora Soares - June 9

Why is so painful? Iam on my 27 w, and I can not walk very well!!


Chicky75 - June 14

Yes. At 14 weeks I had bleeding. Very scary and then doctor got me in for u/s. Bleeding stopped. Had bleeding again at about 17 weeks and then had another u/s and bleeding stopped. I was told by my doctor that the only thing to do was to lay down and take it easy. No s_x, no pushing heavy objects, etc. Also found out we are having twins. Had my 3rd u/s at 20 weeks and found out we are having girls (appear to be identical per u/s technician). I have another u/s at the end of this month and we are going to do the 3/4 D thing just for fun. The placenta is moving up and away from my cervix and it is great to see the babies a lot. I am now 22 weeks and due this Fall.



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