Anyone Have Twins But One Undetected During 1st Ultrasound

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Nic - November 19

Please give me your feedback! I am almost 6 weeks pregnant with extremely high HcG levels. My 1st u/s was at 5 wks exactly & they only saw 1 gestational sac. Im going back next week & am so anxious to find out if I have a 2nd one hiding. Has this ever happened to anyone? PLEASE GIVE ME YOUR FEEDBACK IF SO!!!!


Miss - November 19

I was 7 weeks when I had my 1st U/S and they saw two sacks right away. Good luck with your U/S next week. :)- Miss


katie - November 22

My HCG levels were high too. I had a 5 week U/S showing 2 sacs, then 6w2d U/S showing two fetuses both with heartbeats. At my 8w2d U/S, they found a third baby! It is an identical twin (shares a placenta) so it was too close to see clearly apparently. YES!! It happens!


redeem - November 22

wow, triplets, congrats katie. are they natural trips or a__sisted?


katie - November 23

Both kinda. We underwent IVF putting back 2 embryos, but came up with 3 because one split sometime after transfer. So two parts a__sisted, one part natural :-)


eyebeeablessing2u - November 29

I had an ultrasound done at 7 weeks exactly... it looked like one baby but after we have looked carefully we think there might be another one because they said there is something under the placenta of the one baby they deteted with a heartbeat. My ultrasound looks like a heart shaped uterus with a line across the bottom triangle of the bottom of the heart with something there that looks like a white peanut shape and then there is another one above it which they confirmed was a baby... they said there was a pocket of something under it... waiting for a doctor appointment at 10 weeks to investigate .... got 2 weeks to go....what are the chances if on baby was detected with a heartbeat but not the other one.. that we will have a successful pregnancy of one baby.... ? any thoughts would be appreciated.....


Melly - December 3

I had an ultrasound at 6wks due to weird HCG levels and was told that there were two gestational sacs but only one had a fetal pole. I didn't think much of it, but at my first visit to the OB at 10wks, I told them about my 6wk ultrasound which prompted them to do another right then and there. They saw both sacs and each with a baby in it. Of course I cried :-)


Nic - December 3

Here's a follow up to my original question....I went in for my 2nd u/s during week 6, & they found only one heartbeat, 1 sac. I was totally depressed, which I know is wrong. I should be happy that I have a healthy heartbeat. But my physician & NPs had me believing I had at least 2 babies. I had my heart set on twins & was let down. I still keep having this unrationale feeling that there might be some chance they still might find 2 but I know it's not going to happen. I'm completely hormonal & depressed, and am going to counseling next week. I know my att_tude will change as time goes by. I'm almost 35 & really wanted to get a shot at having 2 kids at once. Oh well....


AK - December 6

Not exactly the same scenario. However, I too had high HcG levels and I just went for my 6 week u/s and they saw only 1 gestational sac with clearly 1 fetal pole and yoke sac with a beating heart. But something else resembling another heart beat showed as well. Although it didn't appear to have it's own yoke sac. ??? Im not quite sure what this is indicative of. Has anyone ever heard of anything like this? Could this be another healthy fetus without having it's own yoke sac?Im very nervous and anxious to know what exactly is going on. I am scheduled to go back in 1 week for a repeat u/s.


Jess - January 6

I went in for several u/s after I found out I was pg. I am a fertility patient, so was QUITE excited to be pg for the 1st time. Dr. told me he couldn't find the baby...maybe ectopic. Had LOW hCG levels, was very scared. Dr. sent me to hospital to have laprioscopy, hospital did u/s and found baby right where it was supposed to be! Horray! Now I'm 7w2d. On 04 Jan, had another u/s and Dr. found heartbeat! Another Horray! :) Now, new problems though, baby looks like only 6 weeks, and Dr thinks I may have me, it looks like maybe a second baby??? This did not show up on u/s 4 days prior...don't think fibroid could grow THAT quick??? It looks like it has it's own sac, but the inside of the sac is unclear, and I don't think Dr looked for heartbeat on that one. Having hard time understanding everything Dr tries to tell me. I'm living in a foreign country, as hubby is military, so communication is not the greatest. Have appt with American doc on 14th for 2nd opinion, so will update then. To my understanding, most women who have twins have HIGH hCG levels, but, again, fertility patient with high BP and smoker...almost non!!! :) Anyone else ever had this? Thanks ladies, and good luck to all of you!!!


Alejandra - January 20

I have some problems at 6w the Doctor sent me home because the eco give an econegative image of a baby of 6w, it was too small. Al 10w they did another eco and really have 2 sacs/2 babies. I was really happy and was unexpected. Noting anormal in HcG level. Good luck and dont worry. :o)


NIc - January 20

FOLLOW UP FROM ORIGINAL QUESTION: Unfortunately, my next u/s only showed one baby. I REALLY WANTED TWINS!! Currently I'm already 14 1/2 wks& I did just find out good news from the CVS test- we're having a healthy baby girl.


kell - January 24

I had my first ultrasound today I am 15 weeks and they found two sacs but only one baby. Is it possible there are two babies just could see the other one because it was behind the other?


Nina - February 4

hi yes it happened with me. i did 1st ultra on 6weeks 4 days it shows one heart beat.i did it 3 days ago it shows i am having a twins.Im now week 11.send me mails to to share info.


Ann - February 4

That happened to me yesterday morning...I found out I'm having ID twin girls (it was my 18 week sono) I had my first sono @ 6 weeks and since they are identical they share a sac so she said Baby B must have been hiding. The songographer was completely surprised-she said after 24 years of doing it she has never missed seeing a definitely happens!!!!


Baby JJ - February 9

Congrats to all the mommies having twins!!! I went in for u/s yesterday. Dr found 2 sacs but one heartbeat. He scheduled another u/s in 3 weeks. I CAN'T WAIT! LOL


Mandi - March 3

Sorry to hijack this thread but I have a similar question... I have recently had an u/s at 5.5 weeks, ultrasonographer said there was a singleton live fetus and he measured the heartbeat at 146bpm. This is my 4th pregnancy and when I got my results i looked at the U/S pics and DH and I could both see what looked like a 2nd fetus in the same black space (which I think is the sac but I don't know much about this stuff) it was identical to what the ultrasonographer pointed out as being the fetus but it was paler and harder to see... What are the chances he got it wrong? could I be having twins? what else could this second "spot" be? I really don't know much about what all this stuff means and i know absolutely nothing about twin pregnancy so any information/advice would be much appreciated :) Thank-you, Mandi.



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