Anyone Have Twins But One Undetected During 1st Ultrasound

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mscott - December 3

Hi there, I had an u/s at 6wks and it only showed one sac. Then my next u/s at 20wks showed two identical boys and they share a placenta. I guess they can fool the technologists at such an early stage. the only other indications were a high hormone levels on the maternal alfa fetal serum tests. Good luck with your pregnancy!


Erin_22 - December 20

I have a question...I had my first u/s at 5 wks and they saw two sacs and i just had a second u/s at 8wks and they saw two sacs one with a heart beat and the other appered to be empty is there any way that they could not see the seconded one because it was v____al u/s?


Corona - December 22

I'm sorry to say it, but my understanding is that a v____al u/s is much more accurate than an abdominal. The heartbeats of both my twins was clearly visible & they could be heard at 7wks by reg. u/s.


MichaelaH - February 26

I just had my first U/S at 7 weeks and the doc only saw one fetus, but I feel like I am pregnant with twins. Is there any hope that I could still be pregnant with twins, but the doc just couldn't see them? Please respond, I need to know if there is any hope that I could still be pregnant with twins. Thanks.


melokia - February 27

mscott... 19 wks with my first pregnancy. I have a question about your abnormal levels.. Was it your triple screen? I just got my AFP levels back from my triple screen and their very high, There are twins in my husbands family so I'm wondering if I might be carrying two, I've already had two US one at 6 weeks and again at 14wks, but they were short and I feel I might see another baby in the second one... Very curious, and worried about my triple screen. If it's only one kid it must be a soccer player cause it never stops moving. I have a repeat US and biophysical booked for a week from now. Say a prayer..


sdymys - April 5

hi i am 8 wks 5 days first us today i have 2 sacs i 1 baby with heartbeat is there a chance there is still another baby?


carla123 - April 8

hi i had first u/s at 6 weeks saw one sac with one baby and heartbeat, they also saw something else beside the sac (looked like a second sac to me) anyway the doc went away and come back and said it looks like i have a hematoma so come back for a repeat u/s a week later. a week later i went back and had a different doctor do the u/s he said it looks like i have 2 sacs one with a healthy baby with heartbeat in it and the other with nothing in it. i was exactly 7 weeks at this u/s he said we will no more when we scan you again at 12weeks. can someone tell me if this has happend and the other baby showed up?? just curious. i am so happy to have one baby thats got a heart beat as i had a missed miscarriage in october last year. just wanna knkow if this has happend to anyone and what the out come was. thanks


selvira - April 10

I too just went to the doctor today (6weeks 3 days) The doctor found two clear yolk sacs but only one fetal pole with a heart beat. I have to go back in 3 days for a follow up.


miamilo - April 12

I am 18 weeks pregnant and two days ago I found two different heart rates while I was using a doppler at home. There was a clear difference in the spead. But today it was harder to find. I don't know if it usualor hard to find the heartbeats in twins??? For those who are pregnant with twins, do you always find the two heartrates right away? This is my second pregnancy, and my symptoms were so bad in the beginning that I tought I was having twins, but my 1 U/S only showed one. After reading throught this blog, I guess it is possible for them to miss one baby, so I am anxiously awaiting my 2 U/S in 12 days. My belly really has been popping out in the past 3 weeks, my friends can't believe the difference in such a short time. I have been feeling movements really high and low and farely early on.I think it could be, but I am also realistic that it probably isn't as well. But hey I'm curious still! If anyone is pregnant with twins and has an asnwer about finding the heartbeats, let me know!


photomom - April 15

Im 16 weeks pregnant with twins. I had an ultrasound at 6 wks 5 days to check dates since I had no clue how far along I was. The tech saw two sacs (abdominal US) - one with baby with heartbeat, but the other took about a half an hour of searching (v____al US)... it was really hiding! In fact the tech wouldnt answer my question "Is that a second baby?" until she FINALLY saw the babies heartbeat when she decided to try doing an abdominal US again. I have a quick little ultrasound in my doctors office at each appt to see the heartbeats since its hard to be sure youre hearing them both on a doppler, but the US specialists are the ones who have the newest equipment. So I cant wait until May 10... when I will finally have the anotomy scan done. We will find out the s_x (or s_xes), and possibly whether they are sharing the placenta or not. Since this wasnt a planned pregnancy (my husband and I thought we were done after 3 children) I wanted the s_x to be a surprise, but I cant wait anymore! I work in a hospital... I wish I had the guts to ask a tech to take a quick peek! lol But I will be good and limit the US's to what is necessary. Good luck to all!!!


jeni512us - April 15

I was 6 weeks when they saw two sacs but no heart beat, On 8th week ultrasound they found two heartbat. Check HCG levels it should rise fast if you have twins. Hope all is well for you take care, dont worry


dc - May 3

yes! i had 2 ultrasounds before they saw the second baby. i am having identical twins so they say the eggs sometimes takes longer to split. but i was 8 weeks before they noticed mine. my hcg levels were very high also and i gained a ton of weight! good luck!


selvira - May 4

When I went back at 8 weeks they found two heart beats after only seeing one at my 6 week check up. I am 10 weeks now and going for another one.


Lauren - March 27

For those of you wondering if you might be carrying twins due to your belly size - the size your belly reaches can be closely related to your physical size. If you're a pet_te person, you're more likely to carry your baby very prominently, and may appear as if you're carrying two babies (or twelve!) whether you are or not. If you're tall, though, you may not get as large or grow as quickly. I have a friend who gets HUGE when she's pregnant (around 9 weeks she look like I do at 5 or 6 months!), but she's also very pet_te. Every time she's pregnant people try to convince her that it MUST be twins (especially since she's a twin herself!), but she has always had single babies. So just keep that in mind . :o)


ashgirl - April 1

This happened to a very good friend of mine. She had her first u/s that showed one and didn't find out about her twins until she started to measure so large that they finally did another u/s. I think she was about 4 months along by then.


twinsmama - April 16

I didn't find my twins till my 3rd ultrasound at 16 weeks. The 2nd was hiding really good. I was glad to find another though. shocked but happy



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