Anyone Have Twins But One Undetected During 1st Ultrasound

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twinsmama - April 16

I didn't find my twins till my 3rd ultrasound at 16 weeks. The 2nd was hiding really good. I was glad to find another though. shocked but happy


TerriR - April 22

My crazy story: I had undectected pregnancy at 19 because I was on depo shots. M/C at 4.5 months and found out I had dysplasia. Had leep done. Got married at 21 and tried to conceive for 2 years, nothing. Went for fertility specialist and had hsg in august 2007. All was great, uterus perfect shape and all. Diagnosed unexplained infertility. Got injections for couple months , nothing. Had to move (military) and start over. We went home to my mom's for holiday. Had period December 17 very normal. Found out I'm pregnant January 16 2008. Got u/s that day, had sac but not fetal pole yet. Hcg was high! Got appt with doc in new home state. Did u/s 3/5/08, should have been 11w 2d and was told i'm 13 weeks! I was already feeling lots of fetal movement. U/S pic shows a heart shaped uterus (bi-cournate) with a clear membrane in the middle, but doc didn't say anything. My cousin who has faternal twins swears it looks like two sacs. Could the HSG a few months prior have missed the bi-cournate uterus?


MurphBabes - April 22

How do you test your hcg level?


gina_mummy_2_b - May 15

my great aunt was told throughout her entire pregnancy that she was only having one baby. when she delivered (which was too early for the babies to make it) there where 2 babies. they were alive for an hour and died in their arms.she measured normal and everything.... I'm 33w 5d preg with my first and they only saw onebaby and can only hear one heartbeat (if they're identical the heartbeat mirrors each other) so I am now to the point, because of how big i am and how much weight i've gained PLUS baby girl is head down but it feel like there is another head in my right side (and yes i can feel it). I first elt baby move at 12 w gestation. and am wondering if there are two beautiful girls who will make there grand debut before long. (i've been having contractions for a week and a half!)


jmcelroy - May 27

I was on fertility meds and I had horrible cramping a week after ovulation. Went to the hospital had high HCG. three days later.. higher and a week later.. high. at 6 weeks we did an u/s and only one sac. I was suprised. I just felt like there was two... even before they told me i had high levels. I go back June 9 for another U/S. how ofter does it happen that you don't see the second sac at 6 weeks. the ultrasound tech also said it was hard to get to my uterus to see the one because i have an retroverted uterus...


gods_angels - June 5

Hi I am very new to this site. From my LMP I am 8 weeks on Wednesday. My HCG levels started off high and then went normal. Had an U/S at 5 weeks exactly and only saw one sac. I know that I had two eggs there when I ovulated. Is there a possiblility that the second might not show up yet? I go for another U/S on Wednesday 9th which will make me 8 weeks exactly.


Kaleigh7187 - August 2

Hi.. Im new on here and I went to an appointment today with a new dr. Today i am supposed to be 15 weeks.. had an ultrasound at 8 weeks and it only showed one baby and my levels were that of someone who was 8 weeks... Today my dr. told me i feel more like im 18 weeks. we heard the heartbeat and there was only one... I didnt even think to ask the dr. if it could be twins but now im starting to wonder. Has anyone been told the uterus was bigger than it should be for how far along you are?


arredhead73 - September 29

I just wanted to add my own experience about everyone saying that you always show earlier with every pregnancy after the first one. I am currently pregnant with #9, and I have not shown earlier with every pregnancy. With #6, I had just undergone a tubal ligation reversal that I didn't tell many people about (since we didn't know if it would even work), and I told no one until I was 20 weeks since I was still wearing my regular clothes! I am normally tall and slim, but I have had some pregnancies where I started out heavier than previous ones. With my first child, I had to start looking into looser and/or maternity clothing around 4 months, and generally that has been the case each time except this time. With #9, unlike any I've had before, I had to go from wearing my "slim" clothes that were 8 and 10's to maternity clothes by around 6 weeks! I don't really know why I am so huge right now compared to previous pregnancies at the same gestation, but no one should a__sume you are always going to show earlier and earlier each and every time. A lot of it is going to have to do with the condition of your abdominal muscles, and if you were back into shape after each pregnancy before getting pregnany again, that is going to help hold the uterus in longer. With pregnancies very close together, your abs don't get as much of a chance to recover as with farther spacing of pregnancies. Right now, I am 19 weeks and measuring a 40" waistline though I was about 30" when I got pregnant this time (also, I'm 5'9"). Most people a__sume I'm more like 7 months pregnant. My belly just popped quickly from the start, but I had an ultrasound at 6 weeks, 3 days, showing a single pregnancy with a single heartbeat. So, while it doesn't hurt to ask questions for what it "out of the norm" for an individual, one should also not a__sume that things are always going to be the same or worse with each pregnancy. Also, I have 7 living children out of 8 since my 7th was stillborn, so these were all full-term births with no miscarriages. My best advice for anyone is that if your gut feeling says something isn't quite right, do what you have to do to get medical attention to satisfy yourself that everything is OK. I say that b/c had I insisted on the doctor taking action on my gut feeling with my son who was stillborn (who had died in-utero--cord accident), he would be here today. I would never tell someone not to listen to a "feeling" b/c you just never know until you have conclusive evidence.


MrsCK - October 8

Yes it happened to me 2 years ago. I had high HcG levels and went for my first scan at 7w, which only showed one gestational sac that was empty. I had a tilted uterus at the time which made it very difficult to see properly. 1 week later I had severe bleeding (clotting, back pain etc) and the OB was sure I miscarried but did a scan anyway and there we saw a baby in an intact sac with a heartbeat and smack ont he dates, hoewever there was too much bleeding to see what was going on and the OB suggested a twin miscarried. 1 week later the bleeding had stopped and I had another u/s which showed the surviving babay (who was growing nicely with a strong hb) and the empty and flat gestational sac. I was told that due to the tilted uterus and me not knowing the exact date of my LMP (I had none, had the UID removed 6 weeks before) my dates could have been out as well it was very difficult to see at the first scan and that they sometimes play hide and seek with the other babies.


Jessba__s123 - October 27

I had my 6 week ultrasound and we saw the "baby" sac and two other "blood" sacs. They told me I would have some spotting and to not be alarmed but I have not. I go in two weeks for my follow up 12 week ultrasound. Could this mean triplets?? Or is it even possible that the tech would of mistaken the baby sacs for blood sacs??


MrsCK - October 28

A blood sac is clearly distinctable on US as a non-transparrent sac. Gestational sacs are usually fluid filled sacs that are clear/transparrent. Blood sacs are darker.


curious31 - October 28

Went in a week or so ago at 5 weeks, they would not let me see anything. They did not say how many or how the baby was doing, just that I am 5 weeks and need to follow up with my doctor to have another one in 2 weeks. She left so I could change and I peeked at the screen. (this is my 5th baby and I know what ultrasound should look like, I have had early ultrasounds with all of my babies prior) and their were 2 distinct sacs. Both seemed empty to me, so I figured something was wrong. Went into the doctor and he didn't say weather or not they listed the second sac, but said there was one fetal pole and congrats I am pregnant. My next ultrasound is on Monday, I will post with the update! I would love to hear some of the results of some of the others who have posted as well :D


curious31 - November 1

Just had another ultrasound and it is definitely a Vanishing twin, we are super excited for the baby we have now and am praying for everyone else :D


MrsCK - November 2

I'm so sorry that you've lost the one baby. It is a very bitter sweet experience. I hope the rest of your pregnancy is problem free


Angelicdragon - November 30

I had a scan at 6w1d which showed 2 sacs, one with a baby and heartbeat of 108 measuring a day behind. At my OB at 7w5d we still have 2 sacs and he said one is empty and the other hasn't grown much, now measures 5w4d ( I had no sac measurement at the 6wk scan only the CRL measurement) so I don't know what the fist measurement was. Baby too is now behind in growth and instead of 7w5d is only 6w6d and slow heartbeat of only 117 I have to go back on Monday for a recheck. My OB is expecting the heartbeat will be gone but did say sometimes miracles happen and he would love to be proved wrong and have a healthy outcome. I had exactly the same thing happen at the start of the year. Measured ok at 6wk and by 7w5d had fallen behind to 7w2d and m/c at 9 wks. Once again too it was 2 sacs and one heartbeat.


curious31 - November 30

Well, we recently lost the second baby, due to placenta problems. I pray that your baby stays healthy and strong :D We are happy to one day see the baby's in heaven, where God will have a new name for them. To all the mothers out there who has lost any children in the womb....I feel for you and am praying also!!!!



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