Anyone Have Twins But One Undetected During 1st Ultrasound

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Mandi - March 3

Sorry to hijack this thread but I have a similar question... I have recently had an u/s at 5.5 weeks, ultrasonographer said there was a singleton live fetus and he measured the heartbeat at 146bpm. This is my 4th pregnancy and when I got my results i looked at the U/S pics and DH and I could both see what looked like a 2nd fetus in the same black space (which I think is the sac but I don't know much about this stuff) it was identical to what the ultrasonographer pointed out as being the fetus but it was paler and harder to see... What are the chances he got it wrong? could I be having twins? what else could this second "spot" be? I really don't know much about what all this stuff means and i know absolutely nothing about twin pregnancy so any information/advice would be much appreciated :) Thank-you, Mandi.


Kim - March 4

I was 6 wks 6 days and only saw one fetus, returned for second ultrasound at 8 wks 2 days and saw two heartbeats. It was identical twin ( shared placenta).


MSH - March 8

I am 7w and had an unplanned U/S yesterday--examiner found the womb to be larger than 7w. U/S revealed two sacks, one empty and one fetal pole with heartbeat. It was hard for the examiner to get the U/S of the successful sack. Anyone else have something similar? I am wondering what my chances are that everythign will be ok.


Shan - March 23

I had an ultasound at 9 wks showing one baby. Another at 14 weeks but the tech said the uterus was mostly behind the pelvis and she couldn't get any clear pics. Now I am 18 weeks and my HcG is sky high, uterus big for age and they say it may be twins. Could they miss it twice?


Kirst - March 24

In response to Shan.. I went for 3 scans. The first scan was at 8 weeks where there was only 1 heartbeat and I could clearly see only one fetus. At 12 weeks, exactly the same. Finally at 18 weeks, the scan picked up two boy babies. So finding out that I was expecting twins with only 4 months left of my pregnancy was quite a shock! HOWEVER, at 5 months of age, they are best thing that ever happened to my husband and I


Angelina - March 24

I'm 6 weeks and had 1st u/s where they said that I had 2 sacs but one is empty. My hcg has dropped slightly over the past 2 days, but doc said that it may drop before going up. I'm trying to find out if this has happened to anyone else. They saw the two sacs right away with me, though.


Lisa - March 29

I had my first ultrasound @ 6 wks. One baby. Started spotting on the weekend of week 7. Went back for ultrasound the next monday. TWINS!! 2 heartbeart!!! Great surprise! 1 is 7 days younger?


Kathy - April 8

I had an ultrasound at 8 w and it showed 2 sacs with 1 hearbeat. The dr said he belived the other sac to be a vanishing twin. I am now 14W and am showing much larger than I did with my first pregnancy and am extremely exhausted. After looking at the ultrasound again tonight I am wondering if it really could actually be twins. (especially after reading some of these other responses) One sac is definately smaller but there is something in it. My next ultrasound is at 18W. Guess I will find out then!


sarah - April 12

I had a us on Monday and i'm 7w 3 days. they said they saw 2 fetal poles but only one heartbeat. I'm confused what are fetal poles and i did have spotting this past weekend is it possible for one not to make it and the other to be fine?


Brittany - April 13

Hello I had an US at 6w 3 days and they said there were two sacs with only one having a baby inside,and called it failed twins,is there really a chance there is another floating around hiding and it will pop up later?


Jen - April 14

I went to the Dr at 16wks and since daddy is in Iraq I wanted to record the heart beat for him. The first heartbeat was found on the right middle of my belly and was 148 beats per min and when the Dr came in she found a faster and stronger heartbeat on the left middle side with 152 beats per min. The Dr says maybe it could be twins but for some strange reason my belly is so much bigger than most others at four months. I have an u/s sched for 20 weeks. They say the heart beats should be 10 beats a part for twins but when I listen to the recording I hear two different beats. Has this happened to anyone else? Or am I just way too excited about the possibility of twins?????


nouf - April 16

Hi everyone i also checked with the dr. last saturday because i had bleeding i was 3 and a few days to 4th week. he said it does not show that you have twins but in the blood test it was very high so he said u might have twins. today i have an ultrasound. i will keep my figer crossed.


kelly - April 22

happened to me! one baby at 6 week u/s then 2 at the 10 week u/s!!!!!


christina - April 23

hi everybody, CONGRATS to all future mothers, i hope all goes well, im in a lil problem of my own and wondering if theres others out there, im supposed to be 9 weeks according to the doctor but i think im about 6 or 7 because my pregnancy test didnt come out poisitive till a week and a half after my missed period, now i went for a sonogram last week and they saw a sack with no fetus in it. then they scheduled me for another one this week and saw 2 sacks but still no heartbeat or fetus. im scared and dont know what to expect they finally sent me for a blood test so im just waiting for the results, anybody in the same boat??? and god bless to all of you


sandy - April 26

i.m a soon to be nan my daughter has a doppler and is picking up 2 heartbeats at 15 weeks doesn't sound like an echo and not her own heartbeat she had a scan at 8 weeks only 1 baby then. Midwife just saids it could be twins wait till 20 week scan!! anyone tried to get additional scans in uk?


Honor - April 29

I went to the dr on Wed. for my first U/S and they saw two sacs but only one had a fetal pole and what we thought was a heartbeat. The other looked empty. I only measured at 5 wks 6 days with one and 5 wks 5 days with the empty one. I go back for another U/S on May 9th. Could there be two and the other one just didn't show yet???



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