Anyone Having Mono Mono Twins

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mommajackson - October 3

Hi Ladies, I was on this site a lot with my first daughter who is now almost 3. I am now 11.5 weeks pregnant with identical twins YAY!!!! I am excited but very nervous because they are mono/mono twins (same sac). I found a website with a ton of info and was just wondering if anyone here is having the same experience. If so, how is is going and when are you due? My specialist will look for a membrane again at 18 weeks. We are hopeful but also have a plan in place case we don't. I look forward to talking with you all!


Krissy68 - October 3

mommajackson - I just wanted to tell you congratulation on your twins and I hope the doctor find the membrane. Keep us updated. Krissy68


Teddyfinch - October 5

good luck mommajackson! let us know how things go!


lollie20 - February 10

mommajackson - i was also preg with momo twins i am just wondrering how your preg is going? hope all is well


hlt2332 - February 10

Hi, what a relief to know someone else is going through this...I just found out yesterday that there is a really good chance my twins are mono/mono as well. I was not only shocked to find out about the twin thing but then to find out about the mono/mono thing just freaked me out. I have not found out too much info on this type of pregnancy but will hopefully learn more over time. I am just hoping when I go back in 2 weeks they will see there is 2 sacs. I am 13 weeks along & due in August...


hlt2332 - February 10

I did not notice this was an older post...if you are still on this forum I would love to hear how things are going for you...


mommajackson - February 10

Hello! Congrats on your twins!!! MoMo pregnancy is HARD but so worth it. Please educate yourself as best you can. The pregnancy is so rare that most ob/gyns dont know a lot about it and will refer you to a specialist. I had a specialist who was wonderful. I was admitted to the hospital at 24 weeks and delivered at 29w1d just 10 days ago. My girls are tiny but BEAUTIFUL and doing well in the NICU. Please check out this website monoamnioticorg. You will find so much information on momos as well as meet tons of other momo parents. I would love to give you any information I have. This is a scary pregnancy but due to medical technology the odds of a successful outcome have improved greatly. I wish you the best of luck!!!!



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