Anyone Having Twins And Considering Reduction

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Carrie31 - May 27

I had my first sono at 6 weeks and we were able to see two heartbeats..Hubby and I are still trying to deal with all that and what that means. We did not want a twins. I was just wondering if anyone else considered this as an option


yetanothertripletmom - May 28

Very few doctors and no research will support a selective reduction of twins. The risk is too great to lose the whole pregnancy. Give yourself some time to adjust to two beautiful lives. There is something so unbelievably precious about multiples. Good luck with your choice.


aayyeennaa - May 28

I agree just adjust things since its on the early stage you have time to adjust. Think about millions of couple couldnt make one and you god given you two blessing in one, Goodluck!


Trixiedoodle - May 29

I'm 10.5 weeks with twins and neither my husband nor myself have ever thought of it as anything other than a special blessing. Good luck with your decision.


beckylol1 - June 9

I find this really hard to read. Reduction is only done for medical reasons and not for convinence. Surley the simple fact is that multiples are a risk whenever you concieve. Can't even think how you could imagine killing 1 twin is the answer. How would you choose which one? Some women would give there left arm for just 1 baby. Perhaps having them adopted and then trying for a single baby would suit you!!!!!! Unfortunatly nature doesn't let you choose. Sorry for the sarcasm but i find this question stupid. I know it's a big shock but deal with it.


snugglybugglys - June 9

I completely agree with becky...this question is quite disgusting to me. I found out I was prego with twins when my first baby was only 5 months old...I was a little over 2 months alog...and yeah I was shocked...the thought of not only having my children close in age, but twins also...but I would have never even thought of killing one of them. Now they are 2 years old...and hard when they both get into EVERYTHING but trust me they are completely worth it! It's double the love!


KitCat - June 18

I don't think a reduction would be a very wise decision for you to make. And I will try to control myself when directing my words to Carrie. The statistics for vanishing syndrome are fairly high. Why would you risk ending up with zero babies instead of two warm, cuddly little babies? What if you had the reduction and then lost the other one for some reason? Or maybe that wouldn't matter to you, I don't know. If you do decide to do it, you'll look at your surviving baby and for the rest of your life you'll ask yourself " what if ?". You'll wonder how much they would've looked alike, if they had each others noses, or if the one you chose not to keep had your hair or eyes. I don't know about you, but I could never live with myself.


Trixiedoodle - June 19

I lost one of my twins & would give anything to get that little miracle back at this point. I couldn't imagine making a concious choice to ( I will use a more PC word here) terminate one.


AmyB - June 19

why arent you just thankful for what you have.....i am not trying to judge you but you were obviously meant to have twins??? i dont undestand this thinking at all...kill one b/c you dont want 2? thats selfish...


Mrs.Jrob - June 19

This is a hard one to read. I am currently preggo and dh and I got that way with clomid so the we new there was a risk of multiples. We made a decision not to... terminate any of our kids but if we ended up with more than 3, we would do adoption to give someone else a chance to love a baby. However we are only having twins and I could not imagine giving one of my babies up since it took us a while to get this way.


Liezel - June 20

It angers me to read a post like this... you obviously don't know how lucky you are.... there are millions of women (including myself) that are for some unknown reason unable to fall pregnant and would just love to have a baby to love and cuddle and here you get two. Why kill the baby when you can give it to another loving couple to raise?


daisy22 - June 23

omg... so many people want twins.. that is like, horrible!


emz_88 - July 18

yes i considered reduction, i am expecting triplets and my boyfriend is no longer around. I was offered this but felt i couldnt do that as they are going to find out about it when they are older. good luck and all the best. u can cope. x x


freebird - July 18

am I the only one who thinks this thread was probably started by a troll? The OP hasn't been back.


TripletMom - July 18

I am w/you... this is a wasted thread


jnny28 - July 28

Hi Carrie 31. First of all, may you have a healthy and wonderful pregnancy. I am currently pregnant with quintuplets. My husband and I lost two babies through miscarriage within the past two years (a boy and girl) and sought the a__sitance of fertiltiy treatments for this pregnancy. Of course, my husband and I were in a state of shock when we found out 1 1/2 months ago. Medical science could have never predicted this. We have seen several doctors and most have discussed and/or advocated reduction. However, selective reduction, while being a viable option in some cases also poses many dangers to the entire pregnancy. No research that I have read has mentioned reducing when one has twins. Your decision has to be one that only you and your husband can make; however, give yourself a chance. Although my husband and I know that my pregnancy is risky and will pose many stressors...we also feel blessed that we have been given more babies than we anticipated. Seek support from family and friends...and enjoy this wonderful time. Take care and Bless you and your family.



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