Anyone Hear Two Heartbeats With A Doppler

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Erin - October 26

I have been hearing two heartbeats with my doppler at home. The reason I know it's separate beats and not just the same hb in different locations is that they have different rates. One is usually in the 150's and the other is usually in the 160's. Anyone else experience this?


Tina - November 15

I found one about 3-4 inches apart from the other. The higher one was in the low 140's to the mid 140's and the lower one was in the 160's. But I've had 3 ultrasounds and the first one i thought i saw two sacs but the recent ones only show one but they were transv____al ultrasounds. So I'm not sure if that could hinder the ability to see one if one were on top.


Kelly - January 17

Yes, I've been hearing two heartbeats on my rented doppler. I am completely convinced that it is twins. The heart rates are different, and in different locations, and I hear them every time I use the doppler. I just can't imagine what else it could be. I ruled out an echo, because two nights ago i found a TRUE echo, and one was higher pitch, and mirrored the low pitch one.


LIDIA - January 17



Kelly - January 18

I rented mine at for about 24 a month, and it was free shipping.. I got it within 4 days.


Colleen - January 18

It is possible that when you are hearing two heartbeats one of them is yours. At one of my doc appts i could totally hear two hb's and was getting nervous but the doctor said one of them is mine for sure because it was more faint that the babys'


Kelly - January 19

I recorded the heartbeats.... both right and left, and mine.. mine is 1/2 the speed than the left and right heartbeats I found. And I can hear both my heartbeat and the babies, on each side... so i'm hearing the two fast heartbeats in different areas, never at the same time.. But mine, is always heard during the faster heart rates. If that makes any sense.


Angie - January 19

Every time I go for a visit at the OB's, they hear two different heartbeats for my twins. My rates are usually about the same as yours, sometimes one will be in the 145bpm range. Have you had twins reported via ultrasound?


Kelly - January 23

Angie- No, I haven't had twins before. But my mom had twins (me and my sister) and my grandmother (on my moms side) had twins as well. I'm just anxious to find out already. I was so convinced for a while I was having two, that i've grown on the idea. I can't imagine how I will feel if there is only one..



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