Anyone Know The Answer To This Clomid Q

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WileECayote - December 2

I had frat twins naturally, first pregnancy, too... If I take unprescribed clomid you think I can have like 4 or 5 babies? Twins run in my family so I already am very fertile. I just hate being pregnant.. so if I can get at least 3 babies out of one pregnancy then I would prefer that. Besides, after having twins already, I prefer to have multiples.


sphinx - December 3

sounds logical... but you're FREAKIN NUTS!!!


Teddyfinch - December 3

sorry, but not many of us ladies who are actually having trouble ttc will give advice on someone who just wants to get having their kids out of the way. that's not what it's for and you can really mess up your ovaries if they already work that hard.


freebird - December 4

Yeah, I have a feeling this is someone just trolling for reaction posts. She says some stuff that sounds really strange. Someone who has already had multiples is too well aquainted with what can go wrong and would know that deliberately trying for "4 or 5 babies" is ridiculous. Also, twins running in your family has nothing to do with how fertile you are. Sorry, I vote fake. Let it die.


WileECayote - December 4

well, whats wrong with wanting at least triplets? The twins were term and healthy... and i meant i am fertile becuz I am more likely than average to have twins cuz i alreadty had a set and it runs in my family. And about my ovaries. I don't really care if they work too hard because it would be my last pregnancy


hope-31 - December 5

then you should just do it naturally and take what you get.that is just wrong to take cloid to purposely want 4 kids when there is nothing wrong,well with that part of your body anyways.


Teddyfinch - December 5

this is just a retarded post.


Teddyfinch - December 5

clomid is not a "convenience" drug. if you take it and you hyperstimulate your ovaries, more than just your ovaries will be in trouble. this type of question is the ones most of the ladies here hate so i doubt you'll find answers here. if you hated pregnancy that much, get your tubes tied and adopt. you won't find advice or support for that kind of c___p here.


samehere - December 5

I don't think this post is real. Any twin mom would not want to go for triplets and most would not want to go for twins again. The thought scares the c___p out of me and I also carried mine to term with not one single issue.


mrssolo - December 5

I'm not sure I will have anymore kids after being through a twin pregnancy. It was not easy by any means. When dh talks about more kids I cringe at the thought of having more twins none the less MORE. I think this post is a fake.


twins4us - December 5

I agree with all the pp....NO mom of real twins who went thru all the discomforts of a full term multiple pg and labor/delivery and the 1sts year would think about wanting triplets or more, even IF the pg was uneventful. Heck I had no issues, carried my twins 38+ weeks and was so emotionally unhinged at the end due to pressure and having to 12+lbs of baby inside....ugh.


Teddyfinch - December 5

mrssolo: tell hubby alright. you guys can have more kids. you carried the first few and now it's his turn to carry the rest lol. he may get a kick out of that =P


sphinx - December 10

I dont believe this post is real either... but I would like another set of twins... wouldn't take drugs for it and certainly wouldn't hope for quints at that! But, I'd be happy with another set of twins. My girls are now almost 14 months and I can honestly say that I'd do it all again.



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