Anyone On Clomid Experience Bad Cm HELP

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selina - November 18

Did any of you who are taking and have taken/ used clomid have early O and a thick mucous cm either straight after the last clomid pill or later? everywhere it says that cm should decrease with clomid yet mine is coming in abundance and I had my last pill cd9 yesterday. 100mg. I have no symptoms and no pain. Can there be anything going wrong with me because I am taking clomid? I have been trying for a baay for over a year now and had one before with no clomid so would assume I ovulate normally. I am only taking clomid to speed things up. Some advice would be appreciated.


... - November 18

clomid can cause ovarian cysts and such. i don't know if exessive cm would be a sign of that.


Here's a thought. . - November 18

Why don't you call your doctor and ask?


selina - November 19

well, thanks for the input...I have had clomid prescribed to me and have asked my doctor. He tells me not to worry but I have been doing my research about this and everywhere it seems clomid is having the opposite effect on cm than it has to me. I am sure I have no cysts..or should hope to think I don't..its only been 3 months and I had normal AF so far. i was hoping someone here will have similar experiences. Hope someone will soon tell me its normal. I will have a scan in 4 weeks but in the meantime i could get some info.


to Selina - November 19

Take 10 to 15 ml (2 or 3 tsp) of Regular Robitussin every day from day after last clomid until after ovulation (usally cycle day 14-16) as this will help lighten the cm and make it friendly for sperm to travel. Also can try using pre-seed while bedding down as it will help with the dryness and getting the sperm to their destination (other lubricants may be harmful to sperm). Good luck!


to Selina - November 19

I meant to say 2-3 tspns of robitussin three times a day. Sorry


Maisy RN - November 19

Hello, If you had a baby without help before and nothing has happened to you in the interim like a pelvic infection or surgery or change in health status then you might want to consider if it is your PARTNER who has or has developed fertility issues. Trying for a baby for a year (if done correctly at ovulation, etc.) is an indication of a fertility issue in younger couples. FYI-good healthy cervical mucous that is optimal for sperm and conception looks, feels, and acts like egg whites, very slippery and can be made to extend like a web between your fingers.



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