Anyone Out There Pregnant With Twins

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momof3 - July 12

I am in my 19th week with third pregnancy. Lately I have started to panick about the possibility of twins growing in there! Some of what I am experiencing: extreme fatigue even after a full nights rest I could go right back to bed! Slightly larger measurments at last 2 P/N appts. Severe early nausea in first trimester, like I couldn't stand the thought of eating or drinking or smelling ANYTHING. Felt fetal movement at 13 weeks, and now it is very strong. I swear a few times I have felt movements on both sides of my uterus at the same time- the baby cant be big enought to stretch that far. I have to wait 5 more days to have my first U/S and I have not heard back from my blood test results to know if anyhting is up. Just going crazy thinking of this and want to know! Please share your experiences. Is it normal to be VERY tired in the second trimester?


wannababyboy - July 13

Well I am only 13weeks pregnant and it is with twins. During the first trimester I felt ALL of the symptoms that you have mentioned. But over the last few weeks my nausea seems to have subsided as well as my fatigue I have a lot more energy then I did before. So that just goes to show that even though I am pregnant with twins I don't feel any worse in the second trimester. Maybe your body is just reacting differently, I wouldn't panick if I were you. However if you are pregnant with twins just think of how great a blessing it would be even though overwhelming. Good Luck!!


momof3 - July 14

Thanks for the input wannababy. I'm sure I am just overreacting. Congrats on the twins!


kerrilei - July 14

hi! i carried twins 5 years ago! it was a shock but i was on clomid so it should have been expected really! its really hard to tell if you are carring twins unless through a scan i had heart beat checks and everythuing and nothing was picked up till my 12 week scan where they still nearly missed the second baby lol my sister said i reckon your baby has 2 heasd or there is another baby in there! so he checked round and sure there they were 2 little girls now age five! so good luck to you hope everything goes your way! let me no what happens!


momof3 - July 17

Nope, just one in there! kind of a relief I must say, as I can't imagine that many children!! Good luck to all !


DawnPlusTwo - July 19

Hi There! I am 14 weeks pregnant with twins also. It was such a shock to find out there was more than 1 baby, but we are getting adjusted to the idea. I felt like c___p my first trimester but feel much better now. I am a little concerned with my size though, I gained 13 lbs in the first 3 months and am already in maternity clothes. since this is my first pregnancy, I dont know what to expect. I am also very tired, but am still working full 8 hour days, for now.


joyful - July 19

Hello, I am 30 weeks pregnant with twins and have had no complications whatsoever throughout my pregnancy. I gained a lot of weight my first trimester and into my second but it has stabalized these last few months. Don't worry about the weight gain, you should gain more with two then with one. I was very tired my first trimester and felt sick, but I felt a little more energized the beginning of the second trimester. However, the fatigue is back now that I have out grown all of my maternity clothes and the weight of the babies has increased. I worked full time up until my 28th week which is the date my doctor advised that I quit working. My advice would be to take it easy and listen to what your body is telling you to do. Slow down when you need to and don't feel quilty about it.


PregWithTwins - July 20

im now 14weeks and i was the same way. i was so sick!!! i ended up goin to the ER and the doctor there put me on med. for my sickness and so that i could finally eat. i think i went almost a month without eating. i wasnt sure of my LMP so my doctor sent me for an ultra sound and thats when i found out that i was 9weeks preg with twins!!



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