Anyone Ovulating On Ur Own But Still Taking CLOMID

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aish - November 23

anyone ovulating on ur own but still taking CLOMID,, as i am thinking of taking that or ask my doc ... anyone please help


Hi aish - November 23

Stupid question but why would you want to take clomid if you're already ovulating?


yas2000 - November 25

i am and on my third round. taking it 100mg days 5-9. no symptoms and no side effects. so am very lucky. reason to increase my chances for twins..but would be happy with a healthy pregnancy even if its only one. try and ignore nasty remarks and only listen to the advice which is vital to your research and actually quite essenstial. the final choice is yours. what would be even better is to get the professional support of your doctor proving he/she is willing to do so (unlike me where they were not)....let your partner know in case there is any emergency so people know what you have taken. i always used to fear because i was keeping it secret from my family and even from my husband at one point (in the beginning TO AVOID BEING JUDGED) i would think i might collapse after the first pill and die an noone will know why lol talk about extreme huh but people here did succeed in scaring me a bit..but my hope and belief in god and determination allowed me to go ahead with it! i also took on all responsibilty for myself...if things go wrong i am the only one to blame and i will havew to deal with it. ....but you need to let someone know so i told my best friend. now my husband knows too and is fully supporting me. my rule was...50mg..any symptom which is uncomfortable to deal with and i will stop. this will also be my last attempt..then i will give myself a couple of months break or maybe never take it again...i am not sure....anyway... i hope this may be the month...if not then no problem at least i know i tried...there are many success stories in previous posts on clomid taken by woman not all is doom and gloom..but it is very very very important you know the risk and if there is doubt in your heart then its best not to go down that route...i was determined i will be ok...and i am lucky i have is a mild fertilty drug (one of the mildest in fact) but like with anything unnatural and man made it can have different reactions on different you have to TAKE RESPONSIBILTY FOR ANYTHIGN THAT MIGHT CUASE PROBELMS all on yourself. its your choice your life, your body....and evertything that is part of positve get help by all means if possible....and pray for the best...god bless dust and good luck!


aish - November 26

thanx for the support, doc prescribed me clomid as she said my follicles r not so big even(on 13 dpo) though i am ovulating . she put me on 50 mg clomid 3-7 cycle.. i hope something wll happen all checkups r ok ...


yas2000 - November 26

bril...then there is nothing to fear.....having the support of yor doctor is the best rea__surance and support you can ask for while taking this drug. good luck!


mandy - November 26

this question is for yas...I've seen you on many of the past posts in other forums and I really admire you for always standing up for your beliefs and your right to make your own decisions regardless of unneccessary and unwanted advice. I was wondering how you monitored what cd you o'ed and around what cd was it? This is my second round and I will also only do one more. Baby Dust to you!! And I really hope this is your month too! xoxo, mandy


Me Want Twins - December 17

Yas, I, too, think you're awesome for standing up for what you want! Strange turn of events for me-- I decided to tell my doc that I couldn't get pg (though we still using protection) to get Clomid. Well, after going through some testing, turns out I CAN'T get pregnant naturally, and am getting Clomid anyhow! How wierd is that! So- ttc twins, and now will try and up my Clomid level and maybe move to injectibles to do so. Also- on another post, most Clomid ladies got pg with twins after taking the drugs from days 3-8, you might want to give that a try?


Lilly - January 22

I am taking fertomid even naturaly ovulating.In january my doctor prescribed 50mg days 3-7.I ve done all blood, hormonal test, s____n, pap, had inside screening, chromosom tests, U/s and evrethung ok.But I TTC since last jun.Had M/c in novembar and it took to get me pregnant 3,4 months.So I asked my doctor, he at the first refused, than I beg and he prescribed me.Last month had 2 follies, but didnt get pregnant.This time I took unprescribed 100mg.Scared but have to try do something.Desparate to have a baby or two.I would love twins, but dont think Im so fertile and lucky to have it like some other girlls.This is my second round on clomid and hope this time will work properly.Will let you know soon.Sticky baby dust to all.


Lilly - January 22

Today is my CD 17 and can do nothing than wait to see have I ovulated and will I be lucky this time to get pregnant.On day 13 had my OPK positive and as well days 14 and 15 very faint line in morning .All these days had pain in my ovaries, specialy day 15, morning time and sudenlly after pain's gone away like had not any before.Hope this may be my ovulation.As well intercorse was painfull for 2,3 days and after evrething was ok.I am naturally ovulating and question is if someone know, if you have more follies, can you ovulate at different time or days still while I had LH surge and positive OPK? Right side is been more in pain and Im hopping I had 2 or 3 good eggs.Wish me luck girlls realy need it.God bless you all.


terese - February 12

Yes-I am taking clomid 50 mg days 5-9. My doc prescribed even though I am ovulating and do not have any hormone problems. i'm a little weary of this as she is not monitoring me at all while on the meds.


PrincessElbows - February 12

HI...I am also starting Clomid at my next cycle (af should arrive Feb 22). I ovulate regularly and we've been ttc for approximately 2.5 years. I had a m/c last March. My doctor is starting me on 100mgs for days 3-7. She explained the pros and cons and found it appropriate for me as a fertility treatment I guess... since we have unexplained infertility. I'll let you know if it works :-)


csfish - February 14

Hi.. This is my second month on Clomid. Frist month did not ovulate on 50 mg of clomid (4-9), but I started my cycle on Feb 3rd and my doc bumped me up to 100mg this month on days 5-9. I took the last pill on Feb 11th and I tested today, and I am ovulating!! It works great and I am happy that my doc bumped me up just after the 1st round!!! Today is Valentines day and I plan for one GREAT day!! Good luck to you all and I will get with you soon to let you know if it all went well this month... HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!!


terese - February 14

Hi: I have been told that if you are really having a hard time conceiving and you do ovulate to try IUI with the Clomid. Its not as expensive as IVF and not as invasive. Just for anyone new to Clomid, it maymake you feel pregnant right before your period. i was a little let down this month because of that.


csfish - February 14

Yeah.. we will see what happens this month. I was on the bc pill for 3 years and gof off of it in Oct... I had regular periods since then, but did not ovulate.. This month I did, so we hope it happens now.. I have two other children, so I kinda sure that was the only problem being on it for a couple of years.. good luck.. How long have you been on clomid??


terese - February 14

This is my first month. I don't know if maybe the problem is with my dh's "count." It seems like it may be marginally low. Do you know anything about this?


lillyanna - February 15

Hi girlls, had U/S CD10 today and doctor find just 2 follies 11 and 13mm lining 6,5 and he said they still growing.Third thing what he find may be a cyst 20mm so he sugested lh testing from today, becosue going for IUI this time.Still on clomid 50mm just I took days 2-6 to see if I'll be lucky with more follies and it is not happend.Heard that many ladies had 3,4- 7follies for IUI and even then not pregnant with twins or even singlets.I am not anymore overconfident if they cant get preggo with all these eggs, what can I expect from just 2????If have not lh surge, doctor will give me trigger shot and they refused to give me injectible gonadotropins at this stage.Had blood test for E2,P4 and lh and all good, just E2 is 210 instead 200, probably becouse cyst.Teresa, I am down too and dont know what to expect?!I am not anymore affraid of pain, more pain is in my heart not having baby or two.It realy hurts.Baby dust girlls, update some good news, we all waiting for it.


bimmpy - March 15

am ovulating on my own and taking fertomid am on second round anyone taking fertomid.? thanks



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