Anyone Preg With Twins After IUI

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JamieLynne - March 27

I just got my first IUI last Thursday. I took clomid days 5-9 and did an injection of Ovidrel the night before the IUI. I am just curious how many of you out there have done IUI's and are now pregnant with twins. Thanks!


Corona - March 28

Hi there. We did multiple rounds of IUI & are now 24+wks along with twins. I never used clomid, always puregon & an hCg trigger shot. It hasn't been an easy pregnancy, however I do have a history of m/c. On what day of your cycle did you do IUI? You should find out next week if it took or not. How exciting! Don't worry yourself over it..the old did it take, didn't it take! Just enjoy this time. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you. Good luck! Keep us posted.


JamieLynne - March 28

I had the IUI done on cd14. The day before I had an u/s that showed one really big follicle and a somewhat smaller one. I had the trigger shot that night and then went in the next day. Exactly how many rounds of IUIs did you do? Do you know what you are having (boys/girls)? Do you remember any signs or symptoms that led you to believe that you are pregnant? Sorry to ask so many questions but I am just curious! :) Thanks!


Corona - March 29

We started 5 rounds of IUI. 1 ended due to no follies forming, & 1 ended due to ovarian hyperstimulation. Round 5 was done on cd11. I had 2 large follies & 1 small. We're having a boy & a girl!! After so many years we're blessed with an instant family! I was really sick at the begining & even now with the help of diclectin, I'm still sick half the time. I also had a lot of bleeding at the begining, that is way I figured it didn't take again. Boy was I happily surprised! I'm still spotting off & on, & have been on bed rest periodicaly. There are no real twin pregnancy symptoms. My cousin had an easier pregnancy with her twins than she did with her singleton. Every woman is different & every pregnancy is different. The only sure way to tell is by u/s. I'm sure that the meds & IUI contributed to our conceiveing twins, however, multiples are also in my family, big time!! Good luck to you! When did you do the IUI? How much longer do you have to wait for a preg test?


JamieLynne - March 29

I have to go for blood work next Thursday 4/6... wow!! a boy and a girl? How exciting.... that is wonderful! Congrats! Today I am 6 days post IUI and have been feeling very nausous and have had a headache all day. I am also feeling very emotional. Guess only time will tell? How far along were you when you found out you were expecting twins?


Corona - March 30

We found by internal u/s at 7wks that it was twins. I still feel shocked by the whole thing! HCG levels will only tell you if you're pregnant or not. It's a myth that high levels indicates multiples. Mine were not overly high. From what I've learned the "normal range" is so diverse that u/s is the only sure way of telling. However your nausia & headachs are a promiseing sign preg sign! Good luck!



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