Anyone Pregnant With Naturally Created Twins

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hoping... - April 9

Hi! I found our yesterday that I am having two babies. This was news to me as I haven't taken any fertility meds, it doesn't run in the family etc. Anyone else in the same situation who would like to talk and share stories? I have to go back in today to have a specialized ultrasound to determine whether or not the babies have their own sacs or are sharing them (which would make them high-risk). Hoping that there will be some other people to talk to here!


sarah35 - April 9

I dont know why, but i take offense to people starting a thread excluding women who have taken measures to defeat infertility by taking ovulation type drugs like clomid. I dont want to scare you off "hoping", just think its rude to make a special group for yourselves as if you will be encountering something different then those of us who conceived with help?????????????? Dont you think you could learn something from ANY pregnant/mom of twins?????? something to think about.


hoping... - April 9

Sarah - Wow. I am sadened by your angry response... Here I am new to this situation and shocked by what I heard at the ultrasound. I was hoping to talk to other people who are dealing with the surprise of this happening naturally, as my post stated. It isn't that I don't think that I can learn something from others on fertility drugs, it's just that they knew it was a possibility when taking those types of meds. I wanted to talk to a few people to hear how they handled the stress/shock of the news. I certainly wasn't prepared to hear twins and wondered how others have come to wrap their brains around this. Seeing that my pregnancy appears to be extrememly high risk, not only will I hope to talk to moms who are dealing with the shock of naturally occurring twins, I will also want to talk to moms who are dealing with the condition that my twins appear to have. I hope others won't take that personally either. With tears in my eyes, I share that really what I need right now is prayers, not mean spirited comments, which I hope is something for you to think about also...


samehere - April 9

Sarah- I have read on the Trying to Conceive board about your loss and I am sorry. I lost twins as well (1 at 11 weeks and the surviving twin at 36 weeks) Do know that I did get pregnant with twins again and they are right now in my living room playing. Hoping- I got pregnant twice with twins and they were both shockers. I didn't know about the first set until the loss of one due to VTS. We just thought it was a fluke because I had been on birth control. 2+ years later, we get pregnant again. I went to my u/s and found out there were two again! I told her to look around and make sure there wasn't three! The shock of it all was incredible. My twins are fraternal but they are soooo close it is crazy. Twin language and the all of that stuff. I really hope they find your twins are in separate sacs. I know the membrane usually isn't visable until about 12 weeks. Are they sharing a placenta? If they are identical, then that is spontaneous and not hereditary, so it wouldn't have to run in your family.


sarah35 - April 10

hoping- anyone that knows me here knows that i never say anything mean spirited. I simply mean that your concerns and fears are the SAME as one who conceived with help. I personally know women who were on clomid that conceived identical twins . Your single sac issue may be different, i agree. But again clomid women have similar concerns. Please dont exclude them.. i I truly wish you the best in your pregnancy and know that any multiples or higher order twins are a blessing..... and you can learn something from everyone. Just remember that most women are sensitive to these comments as you yourself will learn when people start to ask you in Target if they were natural or not-- gets irritating for sure.- And yes, I was shocked as well. Try ivillage. They get more multiples posting there and the moms continue to post after birth on a parenting link. Again, GL to you. ~~~~~Samehere*** thanks for your kind words. I actually have my D&C scheduled for this monday... Your story is a hopeful one. Im sorry for your loss as well.


drea - April 10

Hi hoping, I am pregnant with twins naturally. I am currently 14 weeks pg with fraternal twins. I was also very surprised as there are no twins in either of our families. I have an 18 month old daughter, so it will be difficult at first, but we have a great support system in our familes so we will have lots of help. I am goinf back for another u/s on May 5th so I hope to be able to find out the s_xes, but I think it may be a bit too early. How are you feeling?


hoping... - April 10

Drea - Thank you for posting. I am still trying to get over the shock. How long did it take for things to settle down for you to the point that you could process it all and think clearly?? My brain just seems to be bouncing around aimlessly from topic to topic.... Feeling?? uggh - this morning sickness is awful. I have never been one to be very sick / throw up a lot and this is several times a day everyday, which with my job as a teacher is very difficult (especially since I have only told my closest teaching partner at school). I am a bit worrried because I can't keep the prescription vitamins down and am losing a fair amount of weight. I just want these two little people to be healthy. I've had two ultrasounds and will have to go to a specialist for more information soon. As of earlier this week, one baby measured 7 weeks and the other was 7w1d. Their heart beats were 149 and 151 respectively. So right now I am happy that both seem to be similar and functioning. I love that you are a few weeks ahead and can provide some insight to the road I am traveling. Thanks so much for posting!



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