Anyone Successfully Conceive Twins Using Natural Supplements

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melpalmer7 - March 30

Laura- Will you let me know about those"yams"? I would be interested also. I'm excited for someone to start trying to see if they have any luck!!! Someone is bound to have twins right? Laura like you I am hoping for a girl (I have 3 AWESOME boys!!) I may be the first to try. I think we will in may or june. GL girls!! Oh Laura- I've never heard of Ovulex so....??


twins4us - March 30

heather increase your calcium intake. A study said the ladies with high calcuim intake will increase your odds of frat twins. Since I can't put links here google this and read the article "Rise in Rate of Twin Births May Be Tied to Dairy Case"


Heather F - March 30

Twins4us- I have read that before and I have increased dairy intake for the past few months, thanks for the advice! =-)


twinsmom05 - April 1

well I have always always always wanted twins did not try to conceive them but I sure got them! my dad and his sis are twin sibs ...I took alot of folic in conjunction to a prenatal vitamin while trying to conceive and im a cheese fanatic so these may have helped me:)


Heather F - April 2

congrats twinsmom, how old are your twins?


catalinaD - April 3

Hi all.. Congrats to everyone on here with their twins.. Our greatest gift: why do suspect twins? What are your symptoms? I'm not due for an u/s until April 18th, but I feel like I have twins.. I have an 18 month old, so I was pregnant not too long ago.. And now I can feel my ligaments stretching and I'm only 6wks 4 days.. I'm not sure why that is.. Also I feel sick on and off, which I didn't feel anything with my two girls.. Also my nose is stuffed up all the time, and b___sts are just so sore, they hurt to just touch.. I really didn't have anything with both my pregnancy 14 yrs ago and 18 months ago.. What are you feeling? What makes you think twins? I can be totally off, and crazy to think I'm prego with 2, but it could happen I guess.. I would just love to hear how your feeling.. Julia


Heather F - April 5

Catalina - good luck on your ultrasound!


Brea217 - April 7

Hey ladies. I have 2 children already, and know that my next pregnancy will be my last. I desperately want to have twins and have bought all of the natural supplements I have read about in the forums on this site. Can anyone help me figure out how much of each of these I should take and when in my cycle I should take them? Is there a website that you would recommend? I have not had luck locating one myself. Here is the list of supplements I have purchased: Wild Yam Alfalfa Evening Primrose Oil Red Raspberry (capsules & tea) Calcium Folic Acid Prenatal Vitamins Vitex Maca False Unicorn Thank you so much.


Our greatest gift - April 8

Catalina D., Hi, to answer your question the reasons why I "suspect" twins is mainly because of my severe symptoms and the fact I was taking Vitex..... I have four other children and my youngest is 9 years old- since divorced and remarried and my husband is 50 and I am 35 and we decided in Feb. to have a baby.... Well late January I started taking Vitex and Jan. 29th I got my period- which was odd because I had it early January.... Well I was taking 250 mg twice per day to increase my chances of getting pregnant because we wanted quick results for a year we used no protection and nothing.... Well, I believe it was Feb. 6th and 7th that was my fertile time (used ovulation test) and ofcourse we had intercourse and on Feb. 18th I had a positive pregnancy test! :) We did it- we reached are goal by getting pregnant- at that time I was not suspecting twins but like couple days later that was it and symptoms started.... All day and all night I have a nauseated feeling inside me like I got to peuk but don't (GRR) and still feel that way.... Also, smells bothered me instantly, b___st hurt immediately (they never hurt with previous pregnancies), gained weight (started a size 4/6 now can only wear stretchy (10 weeks now) weight gain, I don't know if this makes any sense but that like full feeling inside you I had almost immediately.... Just every symtom was extreme and this made me suspect because with ALL of my other babies it was mild- and so all this shocked me and made me start thinking.... LOL what is funny is that my husband was like well how are you when you are pregnant? I went on and on about how beautiful it is and how much I loved it and BAM - lol- Also my age being 35.... My grandmother on mothers side had twins, and my aunt on my fathers side had twins- those are only ones I'm aware of .... Plus I've heard of people getting pregnant with twins while taking vitex- grant it I was ONLY taking vitex for approx. 1 month? The point is either I'm going to totally be like you know what ever pregnancy really IS different or can be or I'm going to be like it makes sense for how I feel..... Ofcourse after I have an U/S I will post my result..... I'm not like sooo in tune with my body and I'm not the type of person that could tell you I felt myself ovulate- nope I would need a test stick for that.... I'm just sharing what I feel and how my body feels.... Lorie Ann


Our greatest gift - April 8

I would actually really love to read more from people who REALLY have been or are pregnant with twins to know what they feel and how they feel.....


Our greatest gift - April 8

p.s. I'm completely EXHAUSTED since beginning - I don't want to do ANYTHING at all.... I work so I do that and I drive back and forth over hour there and back but other than that I don't want to DO ANYTHING.... On top of that at night I CANNOT sleep- grr i really want to sleep but theres been many nights already where I'm like tossing and turning and getting up.... The worse is the feeling of going to peuk but never doing soo that is really augh- if i could just peuk i would think i would feel better.... Lorie Ann


Ummy - April 13

Im glad im not the one with the lazy bug. im glad in not in control of my breathing and heartbeat or I'd be in trouble!! I want to do absolutely nothing. I had to talk myselfi into even sitting in the chair and getting online! loool


Our greatest gift - April 13

Ummy- LOL- I'm only on-line because I'm at work and sit and stare at a computer ALL day long- LOL ... How far are you? Lorie Ann p.s. On my days off I plan on sleeping lol....


samehere - April 23



kimmie-anne - May 29

to lcoots, i really want twins and my dad is an identical twin iv heard heaps about vitex i just want to no when do i start taking it if i want to try for twins asap??? and wats EWCM? good luck with ur twins now and sory bout ur 1st darlings. thanks KIM


kimmie-anne - May 29

hi to all im new in this forum so forgive me if i dont undastand the terminolgy. im a 20 yr old mother of 2 i would love twins my dads an identical twin but he is the only 1 that we no of. im trying the natural way i went out and bought red rasberry capsules and just wondering if they have the same effect that the tea has? im also going to get vitex and up my dairy intake and folic acid i just need to know what is the best way to get the results i want using these natural products???? if ne 1 could help that would b gr8.



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