Anyone Take Clomid 1 5 Part 2

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sweetestchic - June 27

Hello girls .. hope you guys find me here :) ... Leizel sweety make sure you are in our prayers even more than ourselves .. I know you dont wana hear "relax" but that is the best thing to do for your own sake!! you will go crazy stressing over this .. I know I almost did!! :( ... mirna, big girl, mandi, amanda, how are all you guys doing now? cd 20 here .. i will do an hpt on cd30 just to be sure i dont get a false negative... its easier said than done ha? but i did something better this time .. i didnt buy any hpts!! haha ..


beckylol1 - June 27

Hi. Can I ask a question please. Im on cd4 and my a/f has just stopped. Do I carry on taking the clomid? I'm on #3 tablet tonight. Will this affect when I O? So confused, even more than Becky.


PrincessesMom - June 27

Me again! I have a couple of questions. I am taking clomid days 3-7, to day is day 7. I've read that you suggest being together morning and night, what days? I've never taken an O test, but I think I am pretty normal. Thanks!


sweetestchic - June 27

hi becky ... do NOT link your af with clomid ... if it stops at 3 days continue to take clomid to day 5 .. if you take 5 days of clomid and still have your period .. its fine too .. it doenst effect anything ... princessmom ... i woudl suggest starting to have intercourse two days after your last clomid pill .. if your last pill is on cd 7 .. then start on cd 9 and everyother day till your next af (or you can use opks and start to have intercourse on cd 9 every other day till two days after your positive opk) .. hope thsi helps :)


beckylol1 - June 27

Thank you so much sweetestchic. Feel very weird on this clomid. Can't explain it but just a bit wobbly with a headache. How is everyone doing? We are trying for a boy and I found this fab site the other day. It has fertility chart and tools. It showed when to b/d with the aim of having a boy, it also takes into consideration u taking clomid. Just got to fill in all my temps and try and plan my O. Becky (just go for the free option)


PrincessesMom - June 27

Sweetestchic.....thanks for the advise! Just curious, what is the reason for every other day? Does the time of day matter?


sweetestchic - June 27

hi dear .. no the time of day doesnt matter .. the reason for every other day is to keep the sperm count high .. if you bd everyday .. the sperm count decreases .. its not all that bad but dr.s usually recommend every other day :) i take red rasberry tea, folic acid, a multi vitamin, and baby asprin every single day .. I take primrose oil fromthe start of AF to O ... I also take rob___tesin and don qui from end of AF to O .. after O .. I take flaxseed oil instead of primrose oil and wild yam root pill (beacuse primrose oil causes contractions) .. i also use wild yam creme cuz i couldnt find progesterone creme in london :(


Liezel - June 27

Hi ladies... hope everyone finds the new board. Anyways i finally got my appointment date from the doctor and it is on OCTOBER 12th.... how am i suppose to wait that long??? and apparantly they wanna run tests on my husband as well ... so he has to take the day off work and come with me. I just know i am gonna go crazy waiting 3 and a half months. Still no AF and i doubt it is gonna show up. Anyways i will try to be patient and in the meantime I'm not gonna bother with ttc, but you never know... maybe a miracle could happen before then :)


buffysmarkz - June 27

ladies, please help..... TTC w/ clomid... third cycle!! First took 50 mg day 5-9, ovulated, unsuccessful. Second took 100 mg day 5-9, ovulated, thought preg, but unsuccessful. This cycle, I've taken 100 mg on days 1-5. I am on CD 5 today ~ when do I start taking Robitussin? Please offer any advice! We both already have one child each...both are 8 years old. We really want to conceive THIS month (if not this month, then next month) .... any advice? Any possibility for TWINS???? Thx so much ;) ? you're all so helpful and encouraging :) thank you!!


KitCat - June 27

Yeaaaaaaah...I found it, lol. Thanks sweetestchic for the new thread. Good luck to u for a BFP this month. Not much longer to wait, although the tww can seem like the two year wait, lol. Liezel...when my OB wanted to test my DH's sperm, they had me come in about 4-8 hours after we bd'ed and they took a sample from me. That way they could also check and make sure that his sperm were surviving and everything else was ok. That way he didn't have to take work off or come to the office, which he was thrilled about. October does seem like a long time away, doesn't it? I wish that you could've gotten a sooner appointment. Although, I do know some couples who were on clomid a few months then wanted to take time off of it, and ended up getting pg. I know everything we're all doing is making every one of us stressed out. All the charting, creams, pills, potions....I think we could all become OB/GYNs with all of the knowledge we have now. I hope you have a few unstressed months and are able to get that BFP soon. Becky...take your clomid the days you're supposed to, like sweetestchic said. Don't stop just because your period does. The clomid may sometimes have an affect on your periods and your whole cycle, making them longer or shorter. You should be keeping track somehow. It makes my cycle 4 days longer than normal. The dizziness and headaches are just a couple of the side effects. Wait until you get the hot flashes, lol. Those are fun. PrincessesMom.....I would suggest you to buy some OPK's. They really help pinpoint when you O, along with checking your CM and BBT. Actually, quite a few of us on here buy them at DollarTree, and they are quite reliable. So are the HPTs from DollarTree. They only require 25mIU, which is better than First Response and EPT which require 50mIU. A HPT that is 25mIU can give a positive result at only 10dpo, yet a 50mIU test will not show up positive until 12 or 13 dpo. Good luck everyone.


Liezel - June 28

Thanks Kitcat... I know i said we are gonna stop ttc... but as you all probably know... it will always be in the back of my mind :) Anyways I really hope this is your month... both you and Sweetestchic are in the 2WW. I guess all we can do now is hope and pray. Becky _ sweetest chic and Kitcat are right... Take your clomid everyday that you are suppose to and also by taking it at night you could sleep throught the worst of the side effects. I use to take it at 9pm and i never had any major side effects... just some minor headaches. And Princess mom... sweetest chic is right that most doctors will recommend you bed every second day... but i remember reading somewhere that by bedding daily you increase your chances by an extra 15%....but you are also more likely to tire your husband out... :) and finally buffysmarkz I took the robitussin starting on day 8... even though you probably ovulate between day 10 - 17... i just started early incase of an early ovulation and that way my fluids would be sperm friendly. Your best bet is to use the OPK's to try to pinpoint your ovulation date and then bed like crazy around that time. As for twins... i believe it is less than 10% unless twins run in your family or his. Anyway hope that added info helps. :)


beckylol1 - June 28

Liezel. Thinking of you and your Dh. Are you in the US? I know here in the UK it takes ages to get hospital appoitments after a refferral drom doc's. Miracles DO happen. Another board im on quite a few women have had a break from ttc and have got a BFP. Fingers crossed for you babe. xxxxx


Mandi24 - June 28

hey everyone .. liezel.. is there any RE doctors around where you live??? well today is cd29 for me today.. expecting af today or tomorrow.. no signs of it showing yet.. be having cramping though and sore nipples and b___bs.. i guess we will see...


buffysmarkz - June 28

On CD 6~ taking Robitussin 3x a day. DH also taking Robitussion 3x a that somewhere.....? Are dollar tree OPK and HPT really reliable ~ I know they are cheap!!! What should I be looking for the next several days. I did find on a website calendar that my "O" date should be July 10. ??


tucker12 - June 28

Hey everyone....I am on cd6...I took 100 mg from days 1-5. A little history on myself...I have been trying for almost a Jan took unprescribed clomid 50mg days 5-9 and got pregnant, but m/c a 6-7 weeks. Since then I have had two chemical pregnancies. I normally ovualte on my own, but late around days 19-21, so my regular ob wrote me a presciption for clomid to try this month. I have been to a RE and so far they haven't found a reason why I had 3 m/c in a row. So I am hoping that the clomid does the trick again this month. So far teh only side effects are cramping and bloating. So I should in 5-9 days....or do you think it will be later. When should I use robituusen and pregesterone cream??? Here is some baby dust to everyone!!!


sweetestchic - June 28

hello ladies .. cd 21 ... is a runny and stuffy nose a sign of pregnancy??? do high heels really effect yout uterus??? just questions :) ... how is everyone??? tucker, i woudl personally suggest start bding and taking rob___tessin two days after your last clomid pill .. you took it 1-5 so starting day 7 ... progesterone creme should only be used AFTER ovulation!!!! .. it actually prevents ovulation if used before it happens!! .. so when you are sure you ovulated ... 100% .. then start using progesterone creme two days after you O .. just to be safe .. :) ...


Liezel - June 28

Hi ladies... becky... I am from Canada. Mandi I'm not sure if there are any RE in my area, but since i work at the hospital... I am gonna see if i can talk with the chief of gyne (since i was a pt of hers about 2 yrs back) and see if there is anything she could do. Anyways Mandi... tons of baby dust your way... i hope AF stays away for you :) Tucker have you used prog cream before. It sounds as if you don't have a problem getting pregnant, but staying pregnant. If you rissue is due to low progesterone levels then the cream should help... like sweetest chic said... as long as you use it after you O then it should work. I also believe that taking baby aspirin and vit amin B6 will help strenghthen the uterus lining. Anyways i gotta get ready for work... i am working a couple of nightshifts in a row this week. talk to you all later.



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