Anyone Take Clomid Days 1 5

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big118girl - February 20

Is there anyone who took clomid days 1-5 and conceived? If so, how many mg and did you get a singleton or twins. My doc says he will try 1-5 or 2-6 as I am young, 24 to be precise. Thanks!


jnine29 - April 6

i was on clomid for 5 days 50 mg, now iam having twins and iam only 21 yo


sarahbaby11 - April 6

i am 25 and my doctor had me take clomid 150 mg days 2-6. i am now waiting to find out what the result is. i will keep you updated.


amanda0203 - April 23

I am 33 taking clomid 1-5? and also waiting to find out


babyloves2play - April 25

I took clomid 100mg days 1-5 this cycle which is my second cycle on clomid. I'm 31 yrs old and have been ttc#3 since Nov. 2005. Now waiting to ovulate. On cd 11. Will let you know what happens.


amanda0203 - April 28

I took 100mg and cd16 and waiting for O. i have no side effect during/when taking the pills. I took it at night. However, today I notice so slight sensation on my right and left side abdomen.


Liezel - April 30

Hi I am 26 and I will be starting my first round of clomid in may. I will be taking 50mg on days 1-5. I am also interested to hear if anyone conceived taking clomid on these days.


big118girl - April 30

Hi! Just wanted to update you all. I am CD4 and no side effects, except some really bad headaches. Good luck to all TTC


Liezel - May 1

Hi big 118girl... I heard that if you take clomid at night before you go sleep then you can sleep through some of the side effects. that might help with your headaches.


big118girl - May 1

Hi Liezel. I was taking my Clomid at 3pm, I figured that would be late enough. Now I dont really want to take it at a different time because my doc said to take it at the same time every day. I guess I will remember that for next month...hopefully there is no next month though. :)


amanda0203 - May 1

I did not get positive OPK til cd 17 with clomid. I usually O on cd14 or 15. I notice that my cm was egglike stretch on cd 14, 15, 16. then cm was wet not stretch on cd 17 and cd 18. Therefore, i took robitussin, mucinex. ladies, waiting for positive O can endless. I felt my O will never come til on friday afternoon, there was a positive. I used the cheap ovulation kit cd 9-13, (the one with dark line reference) then cd14 I just the digital ovulation is the one with the smiling face for positive o and empty circle with negative. I test in am cd17 was negative, then at 3pm, positive. I read somewhere that if you surge in the morning, it does not get into your urine then afternoon that is why it is recommend to test 11am to 3pm and 5pm-8pm. i used clearblue. it said that you should expect O in 24-36 hours after surge.


Liezel - May 2

big118girl...just wondering how many mg of clomid you are taking?


big118girl - May 2

Hi Liezel, I am on 100mg. What day in May are you starting Clomid? Today is CD5 and took my last pill today. :)


amanda0203 - May 2

big118girl, since it is your CD5. be patient for a positive O because you may feel the O will never come..but it will. try to take robitussin or mucinex because clomid may produce hostile cm. mucinex has 600mg guaif while robitussin has 200mg..and drink alot of water.good luck.


amanda0203 - May 2

liezel, when will you start your clomid?


Liezel - May 2

Hi big118girl & Amanda... I finish taking the provera in 3 more days so AF should show up around May 10th and that is when i will start taking the 50mg for 5 days from days 1-5. I'm not taking any chances this month so i am also charting my temps and using a OPK and i will be taking robitussin...just in case. This month i am gonna use every trick i know to try to get pregnant...including baby dancing in alternate positions... LOL. Iam a registered nurse... so you would think that i would know what i am doing :-) ... but when it comes to my own body...sometimes i am just clueless. Plus conception is not the field i work in. I figure i should Ovulate some time around the 15-19 and my hubby and i are going on vacation around that time. We rented a luxury cottage and we are gonna spend a week relaxing and TTC. So i really am hoping that this is gonna be my magic month. ****Baby Dust**** to all. Oh and big118girl I also hope that you won't have to take those pills again next month :-)


big118girl - May 2

Hello everyone! Amanda0203 I am planning on taking Robitussin also. I think I am going to take it days 8-13. I only ovulate a couple times a year, but when I do its around day 10 or 11. What do you ladies think, do those sound like the right days or should I take it other days? Please let me know, thanks!



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