Anyone That Had Twins

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? - October 29

I was wondering how you all felt with your twin pregnancy at about 8-12weeks. Did you at that time "feel" like they were twins???


hi - October 29

I too have been looking on this site for some insight on twins and early pregnancy-unfortunately everyone just says "get an ultrasound"-I have had this "feeling" since i found out that I was pregnant that there are 2 down there. I have my first ultrasound on monday-so I guess I will find out. I am 8 weeks and 1 day ans I miscarried in July. I have been really sick and Have never experienced such nasty food aversions, especially with meat-YUKE!! I am tired all the time-like its hard for me to stay awake after 5pm. And, this is going to sound crazy-I am pretty sure that I have felt flutters 3 times. This is my 3rd pregnancy, so I know what that is like. Do you have any strange things going on?? Also, I had severe pain during ovulation-it was so bad that we couldn't have s_x that day, had to wait till the next day, some say that they had bad o pain with their twins. Oh well, good luck to you!!


carly - October 30

I had no Idea mine were twins but that's because it doesn't run in my family so the thought didn't cross my mind. I have read a lot of postings on here though were women just knew. I knew mine were boys... trust your intuition I would say and start preping yourself for twins. You could be wrong but if not, at least you wont be shocked if your right :-) Good luck! Also, a lot of women have twins after a miscarriage, your more fertile. Take care of yourself, if it's twins the next few months are...uncomfortable. :-)


Kellik - October 30

I had twins 18 months ago. I now am pregnant again and I remember now how sick I was with my twin daughters. I was really tired, I had a feeling that they were twins and this time I feel like there could be twins again, but you never know. They are just amazing. You go through so much to keep those two little miracles inside you and then when they come it is pretty hard but it does get easier. I wish you all the luck. You will do great with twins. I was sick until 20 weeks along and I think that was a definated clue of having twins.


hi - October 31

NOT twins!!!! For me that is-I feel a little relieved that there is just one!!!!!


Anne - October 31

I found out about my twins at about 9 weeks and prior to that I was totally sick. Couldn't do anything but throw up. Also was extremely tired.



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