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concerned friend - November 30

Is there anyone that used or know of someone who used clomid of any other fertility drug without a script that is still not telling the truth about it ? I have a friend that livesin IL. and I know that she did do just that . I just dont know why she is lieing about it . I wouldnt judge her. What sould I do?


to concerned friend - November 30

She is lying because she knows it is wrong and she probably thinks you will judge her. Did she get pregnant?


yes - November 30

yes she did ... she had twins. I would never judge her and I am pretty sure she knows that .. All though i wonder it is because she may not receive the help from a__sistance if they knew .. i dont know . I am not sure how all of that works.


to concerned friend - November 30

I don't think that's it (although I don't know her so how can I say that). Anyway, she could just want everyone to think that her twins were spontaneous (natural wonder so to speak). What makes you think she took clomid if she didn't tell you?


...... - November 30

Good lord, she took Clomid illegally, conceived twins, and now is relying on ASSISTANCE to get by??? This is a perfect example of one of the reasons why the anti-unprescribed crowd is so loud in their protestations.


friend - November 30

the docs questioned it . I also know that she has taking things in the past that were in the same realm of things anyway ..I guess I dont know for certain 100% , but I would have to say that is the case... I have asked her and she doesnt say no she just evades the topic.


huh hello??? - November 30

HELLO??? Everyone who has kids whether one two or three relies on help at some point!..Some more so han others..and that does not depend solely on having twins! there are mothers that can't even cope with one and then others who have 12!!!!....Your 'protestations' have not been JUSTIFIED!!!..thought I'd let you know!!!Don't want to let you get too excited now, do we???


......... - November 30

There is a HUGE difference between accidently getting in a position where you need help, and intentionally putting yourself in a position to need help. It is very much irresponsible.


to huh hello - November 30

No, you're wrong. Not everyone who has kids whether one two or three relies on help at some point. That is not true. I have 3 kids and I have never been on a__sistance. My husband and I decided to have children when we were financially ready to have them, not to have the government and taxpayers pay for them.


to concerened friend - November 30

Why is it bothering you so muhc that she isn't telling you? How can you be sure she did do that. This is a very personal matter and i think whether or not your her bet freidn she is the best judge to choose whomever she pleases to tell or not. I am intrigued why you 'need' her to tell you the truth. this doesnt concern you. Does she require help from you???Even if you feel she is pressurising (subconciously) you to help her out or those you know thean thats what friends are for if you don't like it refuse it in manner so she doesnt get too hurt or dissapointed or understand that you cannot help her. but for her not telling you its her business only and not yours. as a good friend you should stop speculating or thinking too much whether she did or not and repect her for going through with wat she anything could have gone wrong!!!!. This att_tude you isplay about why she is not telling you but you not a very positive one ina friendship..respect her don't spend time doubting your friend!!! To me only a friend who si envious or jealous would do that!be there for her and support her as bet as you can and if you dont want to let her know!!!


to previous poster - November 30

Yes, there's so much to be jealous of. Having 2 babies to take care of and being on public a__sistance. Oh boy, wish I could have that.


to 'to huh hello' - November 30

excuse me??? I have 2 kids, a good income and am not relying on any help myself..but when I say help I am talking about help from friends, family and even the state...and I belive in never talking to big and ahead of time..You don't know when you might require an instant your lives can be put in turmoil.Your husband can be made redundant, You or both can have an accident, or one or more of your children too (god forbid) and paralysis or other forms of dissabiliy can occur..emothinally, fincially, phisically EVERYONE who is anyone will need help sooner or later with their family....and there is nothing wrong with that!!!So please read my previous post again and understand its not so plain balck and white as you have understood!!!!


thanks - November 30

I agree . it just isn't like her that it is all. Thank you for your input


.............. - November 30

Once again, finding yourself in a position to need help, and intentionally putting yourself in that position are two different things.


its a blessing! - November 30

Wats wrong with looking after 2 babies??Ad getting a__sistance??? A least she is getting it and not sending her kids to foster homes and sitting on her a__s and injecting junk into her veins!!!!Eentually as I am sure she will bring up happy healthy children who will find jobs and have a career...(so they will make up your tax money id that is what you worried about) that is the hope of any normal parent and I am sure it is hers too...Bringing up healthy and happy people into the world and hence its future is not a bad thing or a negative thing..She obvioulsy wanted to havemor ethan one because she likes children and being a loving mum...I wish her all the luck in the world....


to huh hello - November 30

Yes I agree at some point because of changing circ_mstances many people may find themselves needing financial help. But from the looks of this post the woman who conceived twins couldn't afford them to begin with but she elected to have them intentionally. So yes there is a difference.


Hmmm - November 30

Yes I'd love to have a lot of children but it is wrong to have them and expect the government and taxpayers to pay for them. Doesn't seem like her husband or boyfriend is around (why isn't he giving her any money so she doesn't have to be on a__sistance) so how is this woman ever going to get a job?



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