Belly Pain

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mamabelle - March 22

I have had some abdominal discomfort since about 6weeks , now 11 weeks , just wandering if this is normal for twins. I could feel my tummy when I walked and seems so hard and tender.


Robyn - March 23

I am going through the same thing. When I stand up to quickly it almost is like cramping or something. I was going to ask my OB next time I went in. Keep me posted and I will do the same. Congats on your little miracles!!!


Jacalyn - March 23

I am 10 1/2 weeks with Twins. I am feeling the same thing and told my doctor this morning. She said that it's normal if the pain comes and goes, however if the pain is constant then to call. Doesn't worry me as much knowing that it's normal.


Robyn - March 23

Thanks Jacalyn, that makes me feel way better. Its not constant thank goodness, but it is uncomfortable. I guess stuff like that has to be expected when you have not one but TWO little peanuts in there! lol. Good luck ladies. We are truely blessed.


Shanny - March 25

I just found out yesterday that I was having twins at my scheduled ultrasound. (18 weeks) Ive had severe pain in my abdomen and lots of pressure. I didnt know it was because i had twins though. So, with my experience, it is normal.


michelle - March 26

i rhink i may have twins as scan showed i released 2 eggs.. i'm having cramps IBS playing up and have bloated out and already rounded but lost 6lb!!!


michelle - March 26

oh forgot to say am nearly 5 weeks!!


Mel - March 31

I am 33 weeks preg with identical twin preg and I have had abdo ppain throughout preg. It sometimes feels like a stich. My ob said it is perfectly normal. Sorry to say, but it gets worse. Feels like someone is pulling on your insides. It has something to do with the muscles seperating. ligaments getting soft and the radip disstention of the uterus. Anyway back to bed with me. Take care.



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