Beta HCG Levels

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jodi-ttc-08 - November 9

at 13 dpo my level was 26. at 17dpo my level was 144. does this sound ok ? anyone else know their hcg levels ??? first and/or 2nd hcg for which CD or DPO and did you have a singleton or more ???


MommaR - November 17

That is almost exactly average levels for a singleton... sorry! You can type " hcg calculator" in google to find what i used.


Krissy68 - November 18

jodi-ttc-08 - How are you doing? I was thinking about you any updates please let me know. Krissy68


jodi-ttc-08 - November 18

hi krissy. i had a scan done last week, just to check it isnt tubal.. as my risk is slighty greater after having tubal reversal and clomid combined. all i saw was a black dot. but it is in the right place. i go for another in 2 weeks time. how are you going ??? thanks for the info momma. i will have a look..


Krissy68 - November 19

jodi-ttc-08 - I am hanging in here I am in the 2ww so just trying not to stress out too much. Not sure if you knew but I had a HSG done on Nov 6 and the right tube is open and the left tube is starting to close so I guess I have a 50/50 chance of getting pg. I didn't take any meds this cycle either and my doctor said to give it a few months to see if I can get pg on my on if not then come and see him and we will go from there. I am currently cd 20/ 3dpo and I am so tired of baby dancing and it is really hurting this cycle I was wondering if it was because of the HSG. I have bd on cd 7, 11-12, 14-20. I think I have cover all the dates so just have to play the waiting game. I can't wait to hear your newest update. Take Care. Krissy68


jodi-ttc-08 - November 19

i had a hsg done in april on cd7. to see wether the surgeon had done a good job, with the tubal reversal. both tubes open fully. i was told the next following 3 months are really good.. my hubby though wont be told when to bd. so most months since my reversal were a total loss..simply due to lack of bd'ing.. i didnt tell the dr that though. i would look dumb.. so he put me on clomid. and on the 2nd cycle, it was just pot luck that my b'day was exactly the moment of ovulation. and i didnt need to say a always get lucky for yr birthday.. and thats that. here i am now 6 and a half weeks into it. and i wouldnt worry too much about only one tube being open. you can only release an egg from one or the other side each month.. and the egg pa__ses into the tube where it meets the goods.. it may just mean that every second month is your time.. dont wear yr hubby out. and stress.. i had one bd for that month and it worked. mind you i havent had one since.. thats just the way he is... i am 36, he is almost 41. we have kids each from previous relationships. i was giving up if it didnt work by x-mas.. the moment i was content, it happened.. enjoy each other. dont make this yr only priority, it will eat you up.. get the x-mas tree out of the shed and start planning and organising. amuse yr mind with something else for a while. if you know yr fertile time, just try 2-3 times and let it be.. i have looked at fertilty friends charts, the ones doing it constantly are coming off 2nd best to the ones doing it occa__sionally... maybe the fresh sperm cant get past the 3 day old sperm to do the job.. talk soon xxx Jo


jodi-ttc-08 - November 19

if yr fertile time is, lets say day 18. bd on 16, 17 18 or 17, 18 and 19. though that only helps if you know where abouts in yr cycle is good. but generally it's only a 3 day window.


Krissy68 - November 21

jodi-ttc-08 - Thank you for the comforting words. How are you doing? Have a great weekend. Krissy68



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