Big Jump In HCG Lvl

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LAJ - February 27

Good evening all. I have found this forum very informative. I myself have recently found out that I am expecting. I had my tubes untied back in August of '06, now 6 months later have been informed that we are pregnant. 27 days from LMP my HCG lvl read 212, 34 days from LMP lvls read 4,798, 41 days from LMP my lvls had reached almost 36,000. Ob/GYN nurse had to ask the lab to repeat the lvl reading to her again. She explained to me that by the 3rd blood draw she expected me to be around 12,000 but I had 6 times almost 7 times'd what they were looking for. They felt HCG lvls were pretty high and asked me to go down for a quick U/S. Since I was early in pregnancy and the U/S tech wasn't in, my doctor did the U/S....she claims she does not have a trained eye so she could have seen wrong. She missed a second sac on a pt the previous week whom she stated had 1, but the girl came back for another U/S and there were actually 2. Said there was a perfectly sized sac and saw a definite 1 yolk, but wasn't sure about more than that. Thought she saw something but is leaving it up to the U/S tech to view and determine. I have a preg varification scheduled for next Tuesday 3/6/07. Should know then. I will be 7 weeks this Thursday 3/01/07 as of now according to LMP. We'll see. :) Good luck to all and happy wishes for healthy pregnancies!


njgrl74 - February 28

Congrats on the pregnancy!!! let us know what happens on your appointment.


proudmommy4 - March 4

Hi LAJ, I think you're numbers are pretty hight too. Mine are similar, they double every 1.5 days, which is pretty fast. I had an u/s at 6w5d and they only saw one baby. I still don't believe it though, I feel like they missed one. So I know how you feel! I mean, I've been told that hcg levels can indicate the possibility of twins, but it can still be quite high and only be one. So it's not a reliable indicator. You still have a good chance thats there's 2 babies, since your dr isn't experianced in u/s. There's also a chance of 'hidden twin' which is rare, but it does happen. I've done ALOT of research the past 3 weeks, lol. I can't stop feeling like they missed one on me. It was also a quick u/s, just to get my edd. She didn't look around much. Not that I'm hoping for twins, I already have 3 young kids. Although I'd be happy either way, as long as the baby(s) are healthy. Please post back after your next u/s! I'm anxious to find out!!


LAJ - March 9

Hi there! Well I had my first real U/S this past Tuesday. We saw just 1 baby, but they will check again in a few more weeks. They still aren't ruling out that there might be a possibility of a second. I feel that there is probably just 1 tho. No disappointment here at all. If they do find a second in behind great . Doesn't matter if it's 1 or 2 as long as it/they are healthy. We'll wait and see in another few weeks. I myself have done some reading up on multi pregnancies and such, so much great information. Hope all is well with everyone. Will keep updating.



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