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Leslie - February 2

Hi! I am 36 1/2 weeks with twins. One baby is head down and the other (of course) is head up.. I was wondering how many of you who have already had multiples have had this happen and ended up delivering va___ally or having a c-section. The dr said yesterday, they won't schedule a c-section, they will wait til I go in labor and then decide.. I am just a little worried that they will make me deliver 1 va___ally and then decide to do a c-section to get the 2nd one out.. Thanks!!


onetwothree - February 2

They waited with me since baby A was head down. I ended up with a c-section, though. Baby A's head was too big and baby B was breach so they let me decide what to do.


lesley - February 2

well I am pregnant with twins also Im 37 and 2 days I go in tomorrow to be induced but baby A has been head down the whole time and baby B has been breech they gave me the option of v____al or c-section I want to try v____al and to my suprise today when I went in for my bpp they were both head down so hopefully the same will happen for you


Cara - February 2

I was in the same situation as you are in when I was pg with my twins. Baby A was head down and Baby B was breech. My OB said that as long as Baby A, the baby presenting, stayed bigger than Baby B, I could deliver v____ally which was very important to me. I was also afraid of having one vag and one c-section. When it came time, Baby A was still a little larger and so I delivered her v____ally and then Baby B was still breech and I also delivered her v____ally. It took a little longer to get Baby B out because her little feet were slippery and that's all they had to hold on to. My girls were born 26 minutes apart at 36 1/2 weeks, weighed 5# 2oz and 4# 14oz, and never spent a minute in the NICU. We are SO very blessed. I hope all the same luck and blessing for you!!


Melissa - February 2

At the time of my induction (38 + weeks), A was head down and B ended up flipping into breech. I delivered both v____ally. B flipped to head down as soon as A was delivered.


onetwothree - February 6



jnine29 - May 21

so can u give a v____al birth and not only a c section


big118girl - May 21

Jnine29 how is your pregnancy going? Hopefully good. I read on the thread "anyone take clomid days 1-5" that you conceived twins. Take care


MelissaSLP - May 22

Yes, you can deliver v____ally if A is head down. If A is breech, you'll most likely get a c-sect. Not all Dr.'s will do this though, so discuss it with him/her. My vag. delivery went great and B flipped to head down as soon as A came out.



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