C Section Or Vaginal

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Ann - February 9

! just found out I'm having identical twin girls (20 weeks). The nurse practioner said she has seen some scary things with va___al twin deliveries and would recommend a C-section. She said she has seen instances where one was delivered va___ally and then an emergency C-section had to be done to get the other out???? I would be really upset if I had to go through va___al delivery with one and end up having a C-section for th other. My real concern is if I have a c-section, I will need way more help with caring for the babies, especially the first week at home. I'm very independent and hate having depend on others-I'm a single mom of a 6 yr old-and I have heard lots of horror stories:( The specialist said if the babies and I do good through the pregnancy and the they are both positioned properly for a va___al birth, then the decision would be mine. What do you all think I should ido if i have the choice? (I had my son va___ally with a fairly easy birth-12 hours total)


Jennifer - March 2

I'm in the same scenario--pregnant with twins and not sure if I would be able to have them v____ally or not. I know that a lot of women would probably rather be whisked off the the OR and have their babies removed in that manner, but as for me I'd rather push 10 out of me v____ally than be cut open for one. But what really matters is that my babies get here healthy and myself healthy as well. My main reason for not wanting a section is the fact that I don't do well with abdominal pain and I, too am very weary of others helping (call it pride, I guess).


Ca__sidy - March 2

Ann, about a week ago I delivered tripets..yes tripets all v____al deliveries.I had 9 kids prior to this pregnancy (now 12) and only had one c-section.My tripets came out perfectly healthy and at a normal birth weight and height for triplets I even carried them to 34 weeks and 4 days, usually a women carrying triplets only carries them to about the 32 or 33rd week.All, 3 of my babies were poisitioned correctly, well, my last one to be delivered (the only girl, which is ferternal) had to be turned in the birth ca___l because otherwise her shoulder would of came out first.She couldn't turn right because her brothers in front of her didn't supply her with enough room.Darn boys!!


Nancy - September 10

If all goes well and you and your babies are not in any risk, I would recommend a v____al birth. C-sections take a long time to heal. I am ~24wks pregnant with twins and my first choice would be a v____al birth. Good Luck:)


Michelle - September 10

I am a postpartum and newborn nursery nurse and you are right about the recovery with a C/S. It will take your body longer to heal with an abd. incision. However you will take time to heal with an epis or tear also, especially with a 4th degree. I am pregnant for the first time with twins and I have chosen a primary C/S just by choice. If your babies are not breech then you can choose. I am just scared of delivering one v____al and then the other by C/S. I have seen and heard of many baby "B's" flipping after "A" is delivered. Good luck.


brigitte - September 12

i have 3 beautiful daughters that i had v____allly and drug free,but now that i am pregnant with twins i will be asking for a c-section so that the second born doesn't have to go through the contractions twice



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