Calling All Moms And Moms To Be Do You Remember

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Hannah24 - June 10

Hi, I am 47 and Hb is 40, we both have no children, in the past 5 months I have been taking a Vitex & other herbs Fertility mix (live in Australia), long history of endometriosis, infertility, one ectopic, ....well to cut a long story short, my FSH & LH levels miraculously (truly a miracle) went from FSH 31 LH 323, down to (in eight weeks) FSH 4 & LH 291...Hysteosalpinagram just recently showed clear tube (left one damagaed from ectopic) right one clear as a our chances went from zilch to wonderful in a space of two months...well, Im 7 days overdue, yes Im an older 'trying to be' mum, longed for children...I feel 'intuitively weird' ...pregnant?....about 10 days ago I had a 'spot bleed', very unusal...thought? period on the way? show...have felt 'nauseaous' though no vomiting, a little more tired, br___ts tingly, slightly tender....and twins are on my mind, always would have loved twins, and jokingly 5 months ago, as we were beginning to 'try to conceive'...'well Ive waited this long I will have a double blessing please, twins' question is, could all you moms and moms to be please tell me any very very early signs of being pregnant?...also a 'twitch/tingle' feeling happens right in the middle of my tummy, just under the belly button area....twang pains either side of pelvic, and lower back pain......hope this all makes sense, would so love your thoughts and comments.


samehere - June 10

You should do a home pregnancy test if you are 7 days overdue. That will let you know for sure. All the symptoms you described could be pregnancy or the beginnings of your cycle. The spotting could be implantation spotting which can happen when the fertilized egg implants in the lining of the uterus, or it could just be spotting before a period. I have had both. I would take the test. You will have more than enough HCG levels by now to pick up a positive result if you are pregnant. As for twins, there really are no signs for that. I wish you well and the pitter-patter of little feet very soon.


Hannah24 - June 10

Hi samehere, thanks so much for your comments, Im a little nervous to do a test yet, but yes it would solve all curiosities, Im actually thinking of doing one today, just need courage. Ive also just noticed bluish viens on b___sts,? very usual, heard someone say this is another sign of pregnancy? The spotting was very weird, never happened before.


soimpatient - June 10

If you go on the "signs of pregnancy" board, you might find some answers. Good luck.


tonilee7 - June 13

Hi was the spotting pinkish in colour? If so this is a good indication of implantation bleeding which means...yes..... you could possibly be p/g



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