Can Conceive But Want Twins Can Clomid Help

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New 2 the game - November 4

I have four healthy kids. My husband and I want twins. I am just starting out w/ my research. Please advise on where you've found safe quality clomid, and if it has helped. Has anyone used an online Dr. to get a script they ould take to a local pharmacy? For those who stand in judgement, pls don't respond. I don't need a lecture on ethics and morality.


mama-beans - November 4

The "prescription" you are able to get online is only good at that online "store" as the prescription is only legal in the country the store is based in... India usually, sometimes Mexico. If you are a US, UK, or Austrailian citizen, it is illegal. If you are reaching advanced maternal age, you could easily get a legal prescription from your doctor.. with four kids I figure the chances of you being an older mom are good.


sherrie - November 4

There are alot of women on this board that will prob judge you(even though they dont know you or your circ_mstances) about wanting twins. There are women that take clomid unprescribed. I have not found a rx online that you can take to a pharmacy. All that I know of is buying them from other countries!


Julie - November 4

Come ON! If you don't agree, there are ways to say it without being so rude. If anyone sounds like an uneducated hick likely to live off the government it's you...."whatever". I don't know any mature adult who talks like that to other people, even if you don't agree. You have a right to your own opinion, and everyone respects that. Why can't you respect others? Surely you don't teach your children it's ok to call others names when you don't agree with them...or you won't when you have them I hope. Because THAT would be a "horrible" mother," as you put it.


New 2 the game - November 4

My reason for wanting twins is non of your concern. I do feel, however, that your hostility towards my curiosity on the matter speaks volumes about you. Despite your obvious ignorance and lack of manners you need not feel bad for my children. We are extremely blessed and live quite well off of my husband's salary.


New 2 the game - November 4

I also see that there are more natural options such as vitex?...folic acid in large doses?...African wild yam?...Natural Progestron Crewam?...and Baby Asprin to increase blood flow for a hospitable environment. Can anyone shed any light?


New 2 the game - November 4

to Julie...thank you.


to new 2 the game - November 4

try for purchasing clomid safely. Good luck to your reasearch and ttc. Lots of baby dust your way!


to new 2 this - November 4

you don't need an rx to order from and the facilitator for this site is in the U.S. and meds are legit.


mama-beans - November 4

ACTUALLY, medsmex is based in MEXICO. If you live in the US, the UK, Canada or Austrailia, you MUST have an IN COUNTRY prescription for the drugs to be legal. If you are "caught" with this drug and no prescription ( can anyone say customs?) you are treated the same way as anyone else taking a prescription drug illegally... at least that is the case in the US.


TripletMom - November 4

New 2 the game - can you please enlighten me as to why you specifically want twins? As a mother of triplets I can tell you FIRST HAND that having multiples is not easy!!! Having an older child also is difficult. Having multiples comes w/risks. Also, multiples require A TON of attention and your 4 other children would suffer greatly! Please reconsider the desire for multiples.


about medsmex - November 5

the "facilitatior of the web site" is in the U.S. the clomid IS from Mexico


LauraEssary - January 15

Got a question myself.. a little less then a year ago I had my second son. I do not have any girls and would love to have one someday. I purchased a book about how to scientifically and naturally concieve the child of your choice. I also thought that I'd try for twins or tripplets next to enhance my chances of concieving a girl.. I always wanted a large family but honestly I only want to be pregnant once more and would love a girl.. When I first decided I'd like to learn more about clomid and taking it unprescribed I came upon a website specifically for women who were using clomid to try for twins.. One of the women actually successfuly did it. I am looking for that website and any and all advice those of you have.. Please do not tell my opinions on how ethical it is to try for twins using clomid or lecture me on how wrong I am to use a fertility drug when I am fertile.. Everyone of you had a dream of how your family would be someday.. with one child or more.. My dream was and still is for a large family with at least one little girl.. We are all the same in our quest so please dont knock us for trying an alternative. I look forward to your replys.. Thanks!


freebird - January 16

You may not want opinions on how unethical it is to specifically try for multiples but you're likely to get them. A friend of mine from another board just lost the 3rd of her trips after 5 months in the NICU. Her babies were born at 24 weeks and sadly she lost all 3 babies. She was in fertility treatments and this was her only pregnancy after 5 years of trying. Multiples are risky and by posting like this you trivialize that risk. As a multiples mom I find offense in the trivialization of what we who have had multiple pregnancy go through. Not going to continue an argument about this, but after hearing about my friend's aby today a post like this gets under my skin. I hope you get your girl.


MichMom - January 16

Hi New! I am going to try to respond to you the best I can, and I am NOT judging. January 2005 my husband and I conceived twins at a Christmas party-too much wine, got a little careless. I already had two other children and considered myself done! Anyway, long story short my whole pregnancy I had sooo many people tell me they wanted twins and I was so shocked at how many people out there actually desire twins. I had never even thought about it before. It just happened to me one day. The pregnancy, while not a horrible one, was challenging and took a toll on our family, as did the first few weeks after their birth. I was in and out of the hospital with high blood pressure, the twins were a month early and spent a week in the NICU, which was VERY stressful and emotionally hard. They wouldn't nurse because they were weak and got used to bottles in the NICU. The first few weeks were horrendous, the stress was at times unbearable-no sleep-you get one baby done and sleeping and you have a second one to do and then by the time you're done with the second the first is ready to go again: diaper change, bottle, burp, cuddle and then do it all over again. I have beautiful 16 month old identical twin boys now who are the absolute light of my life and I would do it all over again. I don't know anything about clomid and fertility drugs but what I do know is multiple pregnancies are risky-for the babies and for the mom. Some women's bodies simply can't handle a multiple pregnancy and I think in those instances the twins vanish or even worse, die later in utero or come so early they don't survive. I guess I just believe if it isn't broke don't fix it. God gave you the ability to have a child, you are lucky! But He may or may not have given you the ability to carry twins or more so why tempt fate?


freebird - January 16

MichMom, thank you for saying that in a much more diplomatic way than I did.


CLOMID USER - August 29




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