Can Docs Miss Twins

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sterlinberlin05 - January 3

I am 22 weeks pregnant with 1 baby, as far as I'm told. But I can't shake the feeling that there's more than 1. When I was 18 weeks 5 days I measure 19 weeks (normal) then I went back 1 week later at 20 and measured 23 weeks. Big jump right? But they didn't say anything. According to everything my uterus is suppose to be 2 cm or so above my belly button and I can tell mines a couple inches or so. I've had an ultrasound but was just wondering if these days they can still miss one. And so many people look at me and say are you sure there's just one? I'm not a big girl normally but I just look and feel like I should be sooo much farther along I think.


ms. optimistik - January 3

I feel your pain!!! The doc has been telling me that I am measuring big since I was 10 wks. I am 14 now and she still says I am measuring big...mentioned twins(they are in my family) but won't do an u/s to verify til 20 wks. Yes they can miss...cause I had an u/s at 6 wks and that is what the doc said..."maybe it is a missed twined"..Although it is not as common. And I too have everyone I meet self diagnose me with twins or even triplets!!!! Good luck and let us know!!!


samehere - January 3

If you have had your 20 week u/s then it is pretty safe to say you are having one. A twin u/s at that age shows so many legs, head...etc and they are taking time to measure everything, that you have less than 1% chance of them missing anything. Of course it can't be zero because thing can be missed. Also at 20 weeks, I was measruing about 30 weeks with my twins. I went from measuring on target at 12 weeks to measruing 18 weeks at the next appointment. By the time I had my twins at 38 weeks, I was measuring at 52 weeks.


twins4us - January 4

I would say it is just one baby as at 20 weeks the fetus is too big to miss. Besides the obvious extra limbs there may be two placentas and definetly two umbilical cords, something would seem amiss. 3cm bigger is very normal as the baby can change positions or have a growth spurt. At 20 weeks many moms of multiples are measure WAY bigger....6-10cm bigger than dates. If you are short waisted or have had a previous pg or m/c it is super common to "look" bigger.


sterlinberlin05 - January 4

alright thanks ladies I didn't think there was much of a shot but my aunt didn't know she was having twins until she delivered but then again that was 20 years ago. I know 3 cm isn't much but I thought it was weird going 4 cm in one week.. We'll see if it went back o normal my next appt. though. Thanks again!



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