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nancy - June 29

I am 26 and this is my fourth pregancy (2 misscarriages and 1 successful pregancy). I have been feeling alot of movement in more than one place at a time. Can this be a sign of twins? There is alot of history of twins on my fathers side, he himself is a twin and it comes from his mothers side of his family. I have had alot of the other signs of twins; large belly early, fatigue, lots of morning sickness. At 19 weeks I have already gained 15lbs. Are all these viable signs of having twins?


Raelynn - February 3

I am a twin and let me tell you.. if you are having twins,you should be thrilled! My mother was in her fourth month when she found out she was having twins. It is very possible that you have twins in htere. I hope things go very well for you. Let me know when you find out! Good luck


Brittney - May 30

Well i guess i should be asking the same question I wonder if im having twins. Im only 19 weeks and i've gained 23 pounds. I dont really eat alot. I weigh 145 pounds before i got pregnant and ive been 145 pounds for about a year i never gained any weight and now im about 40 pounds away from being 200. I strted felling fetal movements around 14 weeks. and now that im 19 weeks i feel movements to the right and left. NACNY i think we both need to get another ultrasound cause if we are pregnant with twins we gotta do some serious planning : )


H - June 6

Usually if you are going to have twins they say that it would run on your mother's side of the family.


Isabella - June 29

Isn't this a question you should be asking your doctor? I bet ultrasound is the best way to detect that


Zadora - December 28

A tendency for giving birth to twins runs in the family. This is especially true of fraternal (not identical) twins. It is believed that twins skip a generation - however, this belief has no factual basis and is essentially nothing more than a myth. So if your grandmother or even your mother gave birth to twins, it is possible that you are carrying the gene which causes you to release more than one egg at a time, thus increasing the odds of having twins. This Dizygotic or two-egg twinning gene is pa__sed down from female to female. So if your husband’s mother had twins, or your Father is a twin, it doesn’t greatly influence the likelihood of you giving birth to twins.


i speak english too - January 25

a mi me parece obvio que vas a tener gemelos. pero como asi que no te has ido a un medico para averiguarlo? si no eres demasiado pobre, eso es lo que debes hacer, ok? suerte!!!!!


Cindy-Marie - February 4

I am on my fifth pregnancy but fourth baby (had one early miscarriage) I measured fine till this week. I am week 10 and measuring about 16! We are 100% sure of my dates and there are three sets of fraternal twins on my mothers side so I guess I'm in the same boat as you. I have an ultrasound to see if there is more then one on Feb 10th. It seems like forever to wait till then. I've gained 10 pounds already by week 10. That's a lot! I also am so exhausted it's unreal! I had morning sickness but always have. My midwife is fairly sure we are looking at multiples (we are hoping for two, not more) sorry I couldn't help you more!


Katie - March 12

I just found out that my husband and i are expecting twins, were only about 8 weeks. I would ask the dr for an ultrasound. Im high risk becasue we were caring triplets and lost one and i get an ultrasound everyweek.



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