Can It Be Twins

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proudmommy4 - March 2

I'm so stressed out! I'm 9 weeks pg now. It's my 6th pregnancy, I had 2 mc's. I just want to ask those moms pg with twins, if you had an early u/s that didn't detect the 2nd baby. I had my 1st u/s at 6 weeks, and they only saw one. I just can't stop feeling like they 'missed' one! I've never been this sick for my other pg's, or this tired. All I want to do, or can do is sit and feel lazy. I know the chance is a little high for me, since twins run on both side of my family. What are the odds that they missed one? I'm not due for another u/s for about a month!


stacey5 - March 4

I have heard that especially at that early it is easy to not see one, because it could be hiding, and they are so tiny that early on. I am pregnant with twins and I knew it too. I am so nautious all day long, and my stomach is already growing, and I am a little over 7 weeks pregnant..!! But hey you may be. have you had your HcG levels done yet? Sometimes the numbers can provide that type of info too?


proudmommy4 - March 4

Stacey, Thank you so much for replying! Yes I had my HCG tested. At 12dpo it was 105, then at 19dpo it was 2569, then I think it was 26dpo was at 19,987. Every symptom I look at leads to twins, except for my 1st u/s. So I think the odds are it's just one baby, only I can't stop feeling so strongly that I'm one of those rare cases where they missed one. I mean, I was just there to get my edd, and she didn't seem to roam around once she found the one sac. Can the other baby/sac be far from each other? How were your levels? Is this your 1st pregnancy? How do you feel about having twins? I know I'd probably be scared for some reason, but also excited. I'm so confused! I just want to know for sure. Either way, I just want a healthy baby(s) and I'll be happy.


jodes - March 6

Hi all..I am 6 weeks 5 days pg...I too have this really bizare feeling that i am carring twins.I had my first u/s yesterday but the u/s tech said he could only see 1 yolk sac,1 h/b and 1 fetal pole.This still hasnt changed my feelings..The more i think about it the stronger i feel.This is my fourth pregnacy and i havnt felt so big so soon with any of the others.Im usually 45kg but in the past 2 weeks have gone up to 48kg..Looks as tho im 4 months pregnant lol..I know weight gain is one of the first symptoms of twin pregnancy.. Have also got twins on both sides of family and im an identical twin cant rule out the fact that twins are all around. Im due for my next u/s in a couple of weeks time coz of low h/r .I guess time will tell so we'll know either way,im just gonna enjoy my pregnacy and enjoy my time being big lol. Congrats to you all too btw xxx


proudmommy4 - March 6

Jodes, what was the h/b?? Cuz when I went for my U/S at 6w5d the h/r was 110bpm, which is normal that early. UPDATE I had another U/S today,.. the tech would NOT tell me anything! I asked her if she could at least tell me how many, and she just said I'll have to ask my dr. that he'll get the results in a few days. I'm losing my mind! Why would she do that? It must be a power control thing.


jodes - March 6

proudmommy4-h/r was 100 b/pm.He said he'd be happy if it was over 130 b/pm..After reading the forums im ok with it,,i think the u/s techs just like to cause unnessasary worry.Not sure what the big deal is bout why he wont tell you,could be anything,,,might be a nice surprise for you.. What is your due date? take care,relax and try to enjoy it,i know easier said then done but you and baby(s),will be better for it.xx


proudmommy4 - March 7

Hi Jodes, that's great that you aren't worried. That's why it's good to have these forums where we can read and compare. Then we see that we aren't alone! My edd is Oct 3rd. I was given pics of the U/S yesterday, but2 of them don't look like the same baby, unless she took the pics from different angles. I'm just gonna stop a___lyzing it all, and wait till I talk to my dr on Friday. When is you're next scheduled U/S? Will it be at about 10 weeks? BTW, she had the u/s thing below my belly b___ton and was taking the measurements, then she went above my bellyb___ton and took more. Do they do that to just get different angles? I guess I'm just looking for a greater chance that there's twins, even though I'd be scared to death to have to carry them. Another thing I thought of, is maybe she did find another sac, but it's empty, like vanishing twin. So of course she wouldn't want to tell me that. That would explain my excessive morning noon and night sickness. I mean, I'm 3 times as sick as I was now compaired to my 6 pg's. I'm even taking pills for it, and I didn't any other time. I just need an explanation for all this.


DownbutnotOUT - March 7

proudmommy4 when I had my u/s done at 19 weeks 4 days in 2 pics it looks like there is another sac beside my wee one but it isnt. Also with my first I was so sick my entire pregnancy, all 9 months I called it the anytime of day sickness and I only had one wee one. Also if there was a vanshing twin your dr is required by law to inform you about it she cannot hide things from you especially something like that. U/s techs move all over your tummy above and below to get different angels and sometimes to check certain organs, ovaries, etc.


proudmommy4 - March 8

Yes I know my dr is required to tell me, but I won't hear from him till Friday, It's the tech that didn't tell me, and she doesn't have to either. She did tell me when she was checking my kidneys, and ovaries, ect. I just can't stand waiting and not knowing for sure what's going on. I went in for an u/s cuz I was spotting, there has to be a reason. I'm just praying everything is ok with my baby!


DownbutnotOUT - March 8

I had mystery spottin gin my first and second tri that they finally gave me "this is probably" whats going on. Baby is in breech and it is constanly kicking my cervix irritating it causing spotting. Im sure everything is fine alot of women experience spotting and the baby is great! I though techs would have to tell you if there was 2?? Im not sure but you would think if they told you there was one they could tell you if there was twins? Gah probably another stupid rule just implimented or something. Good luck to you and take care :)


proudmommy4 - March 8

Ya, it is some stupid rule they have, and some techs are a___l about it!! I went there for spotting, to see if everything was ok, and she said , 'all I can tell you is the baby is ok, hb is 150.' I asked, so there's only 1? She said I can't tell you that. I don't get it! Why can't she tell me that? This is my 6th pregnancy, and they always told me there's just one! There probably is only one, but I just think that was overly a___l about their rules! How many weeks pg are you now? Did your spotting stop?


DownbutnotOUT - March 9

Another perfect example of ignorant a___l u/s techs, sorry the get me so darn mad. I am 26 weeks and 5 days now and I had spotting during the day on March 7th, I have it off and on still. I have a u/s on March 14 at 2 pm (I believe I wrote it down somewhere lol) and they want to check me out again. I know its frustrating as he** when you spot and the drs haev no answers for you but one dr put it nicely that if you have a gush of blood and bleed heavily it is more than likely from the placenta while spotting is more than likely the cervix. now I know this is somewhat true in certain instances but still its scary as heck. sounds like your peanut has a great heartbeat Im just surprised at how a___l she was. When I go in for my u/s's due to spotting or other problems I always ask a million questions about the baby and the tech always shows me the baby and gives me a pic, their very sweet. Than on the other hand the place where I got my 20 week u/s done refused to give the gender results to my OBGYN's office before X number of weeks! I was very mad considering this is my 5th pregnancy 4th baby and couldnt care less I was just curious and was told that the gender results would be sent with my other results but no they withheld them for like 3 weeks! Now IM rambliong cause im tired lol, sorry and good night :)


proudmommy4 - March 10

Oh that would have me so p.o.'ed! My first pg I found out the s_x, the 2nd and 3rd I didn't want to know, but this time I want to know! They better not do that to me! As for my results that I should have gotten by the latest 10 hrs ago, never showed up! So that means I have to wait till MOnday!! Some people just don't care about their jobs! I mean, my dr is waiting for my u/s resulta since tuesday. The only person who knows anything is that a___l tech, and she didn't even care to send the results in?? After what she said, I mean she knows I must be freaking out by now, so why not ruin my weekend too! I swear, my next u/s is in about 3 weeks, and I'm not leaving there without answers! Ya, and I'm tired and B****y right now. I just want my morning, well, all day 24/7 sickness to go away and give me a break! As long as all this gives me a healthy baby, it'll all be worth it. I never in my 5 other pg's was this sick, and I'm just sick of being sick. Sorry for complaining so much, I just have to let it out.


DownbutnotOUT - March 12

Dont woryr about complaining lol this is the place to do it! Lots of pregnant, grouchy, hormonal women so heck ya it will take place. I would be mad that the tech is making you wait this weekend I would have insisted that my drs office contact there office and find out what the heck is going on. Its so hard though when you go one mean person its like they do it on purpose to make you stressed. Well hopefully you did enjoy your weekend mine was full of my older son throwing up everywhere (btw he like never throws up). Anyway take care you two and I hope to hear how everything went :)


proudmommy4 - March 13

WOOHOO! I got my results finally! There's just one baby, and he/she is doing great!! I'm so excited!! I was terrified to have twins, I mean it would be nice in a way, but I'm only 5'2". I don't know where I'd carry them, and I'd be scared to have another c-sec, also I already have 3 kids under 6 yrs old. How would I ever go out? Actually, not only was that tech a biatch, she sent all the results for u/s's to my dr but mine! I shoulda had it by last Thursday, friday the absolute latest. Then I called yesterday, and they said they got everything but mine! I was about to go down there and complain, then they faxed it to my dr, after the secretary called and complained. So, I know where NOT to go for all my other u/s's. I'm just so happy now! Thank you all for your support! Let me know how you're doing!



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