Can T Shake The Thought Gt Gt Gt Intuition

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Jen - October 14

Hi ladies, this seems to be kind of embarrassing because I don't want anyone to think that I am crazy, and I don't know of anyone who is pregnant-or have had twins-so here is my crazy thought-I am currently 6 weeks, I will get an ultrasound in 2 weeks, and I "think" I am pregnant with twins?!?!? IS that crazy?? I don't want twins-I just feel like sh%$ all the time-I am sick all the time, doc gave me medicine for nausea. I just can't shake the thought that I am. This is my third pregnancy-hopefully second birth. And I feel crazy........just wondering if anyone relates...


Jen - October 14

also, when I asked the nurse the odds of twins-she asked why I asked that, and I told her that I have developed this rediculous idea that I am carrying 2 babies. Surprisingly, she said that women have had an intuition, feeling, or whatever, that they knew, I am wondering if this feeling is that hunch....twins scare the c___p out of me.....


K - October 14

My sister-in-law who had twins 2 years ago didnt know she was having them until her 18/19/20 week ultrasound. But before she knew about the twins, she always joked that she was having twins because she just had that "feeling"...and sure enough! They were still completely shocked even though she had that intuition. But good luck to you and hope you get whatever you want!! :)


Kathy S - October 15

I had just posted to this forum recently about if any others ever had u/s and told there was only one baby, when there was actually two. I had something in the back of my head worrying me that there were 2 babies. Even after they a__sured me w/not only one but two u/s's. Then not even 2 weeks later...a 3rd u/s for me did show twins! I was floored, to say the least. I guess intuition can be more than just a gut feeling, eh? :-)


Tabitha - October 23

Jen, I dont think you are crazy at all!! In fact, i am going through that exact same thing. I am in the early stages of pregnancy and have been experiencing severe nausea, moodiness, fatigue, blah, blah blah. I went to my first Dr. appt last week and he said that I was "really full" I dont know if thats a medical term, but after he said that, and then commented that he wanted an u/s in 3 weeks, I have been thinking about twins non stop!! I had to get back into my maternity clothes at 6 wks!! Thats unreal, considering this is my 3rd pregancy, the last two were an absolute breeze, with no showing until the 3rd month!! Im really nervous, as are you probably! Good luck.


Jen - October 24

Hi Tabitha-it is a strange feeling or possible crazyness, I guess, seems like everyone else on this board either wants or are trying for twins-I just wish someone would post a little more info int otheir experiences. ya know?? I keep seeing twins things and saturday in the mail I got my Babytalk magazine and guess what was on the cover??? Twins!!! Yikes-I find out on Halloween-I will keep you posted-let me know about you too!!!


DP - November 1

Jen, I am curious to what you found out, is there twins in there?


Jen - November 2

Hi ladies had my ultrasound and it was only one and it actually put me at 9 weeks so I was a bit surprised and relieved. Not feeling so crazy now I asked the tech to "make sure" and she gave me picks and everything. She said it was just one big healthy baby!!! So I am happy. Good luck to all of you!!! I guess you never know till you know!!!!



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