Can You Be FIRED For Pregnacy

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greeneyedgemini616 - June 9

I live in New Mexico and found out yesterday that I am expecting triplets and my boss told me if my doctors appt's get excessive then I will be termintated that she doesn't have to deal with my pregnancy. Does that sound legal??? She also told me the only thing I can eat at work are things that don;t smell. And that I am not excluded from any of my duties that I am expected to come to work and act like I am not pregnant.


Nell143 - June 9

ABSOLUTELY NOT! You can probably press charges against the company just for that.


Nell143 - June 9

Rub these in her face


greeneyedgemini616 - June 9

The address isn't showing anything.


Nell143 - June 9

oops that was for Mexico... I didn't catch that. here is a better site


Nell143 - June 9

you have to take out the dashes for some reason this site adds dashes.


soimpatient - June 9

WOW! That sounds horrible! I feel bad that you have to work for that pathetic excuse for a women.


samehere - June 9

Absolutely NOT. We are protected by State and Federal laws for things like this. You boss is looking for a huge lawsuit and rude awakening. Here is a site to look at but I'm sure if you google laws for New Mexico or Federal, you will find more than enough. Just remember to take out whatever dashes (-) that show up in the site address.


Mandi24 - June 9

hey greeneye!!! i have talk to u before remember??? WOW .. you are having triplets!!! that is amazing .. i bet you were not expecting that .. how are you feeling .???


MelissaSLP - June 9

I agree! BTW, your Dr. can excuse you from any duties that you and he/she feel you don't need to be doing during your pregnancy. He can also cut your hours and they cannot tell you what you can/cannot eat. Absurd! BTW, if they will not allow you to take the time off for appts, I think that it can fall under the FMLA (family medical leave act) and they have to let you take that time.


greeneyedgemini616 - June 10

Thank you everyone I will check out the websites. Hi Mandi24 yes I remember talking to you. No I wan't expecting 3 at all. They told me that next week they will do another ultrasound just to be sure because I am only 5 weeks. But the doctor looked for the shells of the eggs I released and said that if there were 3 I was most likely carrying triplets and there were 2 on the left on one on the right. She said they don't always all survive so it's a waiting game for them to develop strong heart beats. But I am a little scared. I didn't expect this from my work either I work with 3 women and they have given me nothing but c___p. Then again NONE of them have been pregnant. I asked my boss if she thought carrting 3 lives in your body was easy because they pretty much suck every last bit of energy and nutrition out of ya. She said that's not my concern how you feel I just want you to do your job and not let the pregnancy get in the way. I had told her that I would give her a heads up as to when I was going on bedrest because I know I will with triplets but I decided p__s on her I'll just let her know that the next day I am going out for the rest of my pregnancy and Iam so not going back to work after I have the babies. There will be just no way that I will leave my 3 little presious souls. But anyways I mainly just feel exhausted all the time, I go to the bathroom eery 2 hours around the clock there is a lot of getting up in the night, and the morning sickness has started kicking in but only late at night, oh yeah and I swore my bbs were gonna fall off they hurt so bad and still do, plus I am already wearing maturnity clothes because my regular clothes just got to tight.


wannababyboy - June 10

greeneyedgemini616 thats is so not legal. And you would think that your boss being a woman herself would fully understand and sympathize with you, what a disgusting woman. I hope that you do not have a physically strenous job because she sounds like she is not going to lay off. You should contact the labour board. Good Luck!!


LadyL - June 17

No, you can't get fired for pregnancy. It violates the Civil Rights Act of 1964. (There is a pregnancy protection part in there somewhere. Check it out on the web.) However, you can get fired for any other reason or no reason at all in at will employment states. If someone wants to fire you they will find a "legitimate" reason. Protect yourself by doc_menting everything. Use the internet and research your state family medical leave act and the federal family medical leave act (FMLA). Talk to HR and find out about your sick leave policy and use of vacation time policy. Be sure you follow every rule in obtaining permission to attend your dr appointments using any sick leave/vacation time available. Schedule appts during your lunch and tell the dr what's going on so they take you first and on time. It sounds like you need to memorize the FAMLA, learn the company short term disability policy and be sure that you do everything in writing and cite to the policy. Go by the book. Call your local equal employment opportunity office and ask about your rights. Finally, are you sure you want or need this job. Childcare for 3 infants is going to cost you more than you make (unless you are a lawyer). With triplets, you might not need the added stress of a boss who is a jerk. As for your exclusion from duties at work, if you have a short term/long term disability policy at work-if you go "out" on disability and your dr grants you a "return to work" authorization with limited or modified still can't lawfully be fired for that. Just be sure you submit all the paper work, keep copies, and prepare to file a complaint at the EEOC (free) when she fires you. Later, you may need to pay a lawyer to take up the case after the EEOC issues a letter stating their findings in the matter. Good luck.



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