Can You Tell Me What You See

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E - January 9

This is from my 6 week 3 day scan. Do you see the outline of a possible 2nd sac? This was an abdominal u/s. I have asked for another, but the doc said to wait until my 20 wk u/s. I just have a gut feeling. Here's the original pic before I lighted it.


E - January 9

Here try these pics instead


Lew - January 9 ( I had to correct a bit of your site to get to it)... But it looks like there might be a smaller sac with smaller "bean" up and to the left of the picture of "baby sac" or maybe possible for a smaller sac and "bean" to the very right of the "baby sac" one. Could they get a clearer picture of what we are looking at? It looks a little shadey. Good luck and Congratulations!!!! Did they see a heart beat for the one?


Lew - January 9

it messed up the site for my post...that is weird. I went to the following:


Lew - January 9

it did it again!!!! Now I know why soooo many people get messed up links to go to. Ok, my last post, the site is correct if you just remove the dash AFTER albums and AFTER jpg. I hope this helps people get a good look at your pic E. Good luck and congrats again, Lewana


Lew - January 9

ok, the other pic is just the same site without ORIGINAL... just sac. E, I don't know... the pic is shadey, and I am NO expert, but I think it is VERY possible that there is a second sac. What did the u/s tech say about it? Why didn't they do a vag. u/s I wonder?


bump - January 9



mom2be - January 9

wow! that is so cool! thanks Lew for having a fix on the photo site. I think it is another sac! But I am not an expert either. Good luck E!!!!


Linda - January 9

It's similar to what my scan looked like, but when I got the slides back it looked allot to me (and some others) like a second sac. Here is a pic of the slides, will take a pic of one that looks a little like yours too but it will take me about 10 minutes to do it, I have to tape the negatives to my pc screen etc. I have written in what is really the baby etc and also what I think I see with ? beside it. As usual take out the -'s


Linda - January 9

O.K this is a shot kind of similar to yours, I go for another scan on Friday and am hoping for some better answers, I have been told by the tech that what I am seeing is a subchorionic hematoma (a bleed area). Again take out any -'s ;)


Linda - January 9

Oops forgot the link


me - January 10

What I don't understand is how the ladies think they SEE something yet the trained tech who does u/s for a living doesn't. If you have no training you have no idea what you are looking at. It could be anything besides a baby. You haven't been trained to interpret the images.


onetwothree - January 10

I can't even make out the baby! I so stink at this.


twins4us - January 10

doens't look like another sac to me.


Maybe - January 10

If it's another sac... there's nothing in it. Look how clearly you can see the fluid around the baby in the first sac (dark area around a bright white bean). If the thing you are questioning is a second sac... I don't see anything that looks like fluid or fetus.


Linda - January 10

Can't be bothered logging the reason I question mine is because I did release 3 eggs....the scan was done at 7wks5 days abdominally not v____ally....I have been told by another U/S tech that both should have been done especially with what was seen on my scan...there is definately fliud in the second area (I have other pics which show more fluid...i'm larger than I should be at this stage of pgcy....the tech seemed not 100% sure when he first saw the second area and said he would probably need a v____al scan but didn't do it....last but not least....i'm just an idiot who can't shake the feeling there *may* be more than


to Linda and/or E - January 10

Don't put yourself down. There is nothing wrong with "feeling" a certain way. Only time will tell. Oh, and yes I know that u/s techs know a heck of a lot more than I do (addressed to "me") in fact I could just be looking at a bladdder or a pocket of nothing...but I have seen on many other posts and other sites that women with twins or even triplets have actually had one "missed" on the first or even second and third u/s done! So don't just a__sume they "get it" the first time. I myself have had misinterpreted MRI's and u/s's and found out that a false pos. or a faulse neg. from an MRI was only proved incorrect after arthroscopic surgery....hence, you can not convince me that Radiology as a whole is by any means perfect!!!!!! There is ALWAYS room for error (especially when people are the judge). Best of luck to you E, and/or Linda!!!



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