Carrying And Raising Twins

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fncdavis - December 13

Hi all, I would love to go through my twin pregnancy with others who are carring twins/mulitiples. My name is Cindy I am currently 22w 4d pg. So far the only problem I had was severe ms. For 16w I did nothing but sleep and vomit. Thank goodness that's over. My due date is April 15th (yes tax day) but we are expecting to do the c-section by the end of March. So ladies, chime is your pg so far, when is your due date etc. Can't wait to hear from you. Cindy


april09 - December 14

I had more ms and tiredness with this twin pregnancy than in my previous pregnancy. At this point I've been experiencing a lot of pain when I walk in my hip and/or groin area and I look forward to discussing it with my OB on Monday. My dd is April 6th (40 weeks) but my OB said I won't go past 38 weeks so that would put me around the 23rd of March I think. My first daughter was born on March 25th so poor thing will have nothing to herself (not even her birthday parties) after these two arrive! I've noticed a lot of swelling the last few days, is anyone having this issue?


april09 - December 14

Another question I have, a lot of people have told me how twins sleep better together but I'm totally freaked about letting them share a crib. Heck, I didn't let my first child have a blanket or anything with her in the crib until she was 18 months or maybe even I can't image letting two sleep together. I may change my mind when no one is getting any sleep though! What does everyone else plan to do?


fncdavis - December 15

April09...I have the same hip/groin pain, I just saw my dr on Thursday and he said it is completely normal, that it's from the uterus stretching and there really isn't anything we can do about it. I've been sleeping with a pillow between my knees and that seems to help with my hip pain. As far as the babies sleeping in the same crib, that's what we plan to do. Friends of ours have twins that are now 3 and they told us that not only did they keep them in the same crib for the first 6 months, they also fed them at the same time. If one woke up at night and it was time to eat they would wake the other one up also. They said it was tough the first two weeks but after that the twins settled into a routine and everyone got alittle more sleep. Are you planning on b___stfeeding or bottle? I think I'm going to try to do both, alternating each feeding, that way dh can help!! It looks like we'll be delivering about the same time, are you showing alot yet? I feel like I've really popped out in the last week. Good luck at your drs today. Take care. Cindy


DaddyDayCare - December 16

April09, my wifes aunt and uncle are fraternal twins, the family always talks about how they slept together as babies. I actually think it's a great idea! That is what my wife and I are planning to do.


april09 - December 17

Cindy & DaddyDayCare thank you both for responding. I've read a ton about how important it is to keep the babies on the same schedule and we plan to do the same. That way everyone naps, eats etc. at the same time. We are planning to use bottles this time around vs. b___stfeeding which I did do with our first daughter. We probably purchase the 2nd crib and have it set up but if they do good together hopefully they can stay in the same crib until they start rolling around. I purchased a special maternity pillow at babiesRus over the weekend and I can't really tell if it's helping or not. I had been using pillows in between my legs with no relief and this new pillow does support my legs and expanding belly while helping me stay on my left side. I swear I wake up 10 times a night on my back and freak out! I too feel like I've popped out the last few weeks and it seems like I get bigger every day now!


June09 - December 22

Hi everyone. I am new to the boards and currently 14 weeks pregnant with natural, fraternal twins. This is my first pregnancy and needless to say, my husband and I are still a little shell-shocked over being told we're having twins. It's very overwhelming at times! I'm due on June 20, although my doctor told me to expect more of a May timeframe. I'm hoping I'm almost to the point that I can enjoy being pregnant, so far I've been too tired to enjoy anything!


april09 - December 29

Welcome June09 and congrats! Somedays I don't think the shock every goes away, but other days I'm totally excited. Hope all is going well with your pregnancy, are you going to find out what you're having?


Twins4Me09 - December 30

Hey all, I'm 33 weeks with natural twins. I've already had pre-term labor stopped once. I'm due Feb. 17, but am just hoping to make it to the second week in January right now. I am planning on nursing, a__suming that the twins are able to suck by the time they are born (they would not be able to yet if they had been born the other day when I went into pre-term labor). I also plan to keep them in the same crib until they begin to roll over. I've heard that after being so close together in the womb all this time, they actually won't sleep if separated right away. It also means that I don't have to come up with two cribs right now, which is a real relief. I have also dealt with plenty of hip/groin pain and was told it is normal. And I popped out significantly beginning in early November. Now, I have measured 40 cm for several weeks. At this point, I'm getting wider instead--the twins seem to have run out of space to grow from top to bottom. :)


June09 - December 30

Yes, we are going to find out what were having, actually we already have an idea. At our 15 week ultrasound, which was just a few days ago, they gave us their best guess at this point, but nothing definite until the 20 week ultrasound. But at this point, they think BabyA is a boy and BabyB is a girl :)


fncdavis - December 30

Hi everyone, just checking in. Nothing new to report here, both babies are doing great, and I'm getting by. I've been having alot of groin/hip pain, but like Twins4me09 my dr said it's normal. Other than that I'm just patiently waiting to meet my two little ones. Twins4Me09...I've got my fx for you, I'm sure bedrest sucks, but everyday your little ones wait, the stronger they'll be. By the way, do you know what you're having? Good luck! Did anyone here sign up for the FREE stuff from Emfamil? If not you should, if you go the you can register for free coupons/products. So far I've gotten about 6- 8 $5.00 off formula coupons, a diaper bag and a four pack of 2oz bottles. We've been using the coupons towards formula to help stock up. I'm planning on both b___stfeeding and formula so every little bit helps. Take care all. Cindy


montie75 - December 30

Hello soon to be mommies with twins!! My name is Monica and I am a mother of almost 11 month old twins. The pains you guys speak of inthe groin area and such are perfectly normal. I had them as well. I delivered mine naturally at 36 weeks, both weighing in at just shy of 6 pounds each. APRIL, you asked about sleeping. I found that mine sleep much better in seperate cribs. Plus, once they get to a certain age, there just isn't room in one crib. My sleep all over the place, LOL!! They would kick each other in bed. No matter if they sleep alone or together, you are going to find that sleeping is just a difficult phase to master. I have found that one will always wake the other and teething brings lots of sleepless nights!! LOL.............I wish you all so much luck. You are all blessed, as it is VERY hard to have twins, but it's also VERY rewarding!! Have fun with them and enjoy them as much as possible!!


Twins4Me09 - December 30

I've chosen to be surprised. When asked what I'm having, I usually respond "Healthy, I hope." :P It's driving all my friends crazy that I don't know, but they also respect my decision to wait and find out when the twins are born. Today is also a good day because I have a prenatal was the only thing on my Christmas list this year, and I am really looking forward to it. Hopefully some of this pain goes down! Oddly, they didn't actually put me on bedrest, but they did tell me to drink plenty of fluids, since dehydration can apparently have an effect on how soon I go back into labor. It's also possible that changing alt_tudes (I was at sea level for this pregnancy, but just moved to a significantly higher alt_tude last week) caused my body to freak out. Whatever the case, I'm just glad they were able to stop the preterm labor, and am doing my best to not complain about the discomfort of keeping the kids in, since I know it is best for everyone if they aren't born quite yet.


2peasinthepod - December 30

Hi everyone! I am 26 weeks along and I am glad that I found this site! My doctor can't actually find the second baby. They tell me that baby a is a girl but baby b is directly under her, which blocks sight. But the heart beat is very strong. I'm hoping to get another ultrasound soon but if not I guess it'll be a surprize! I having the same pains in my hips and even lower back, this is my third pregnancy so I knew it would happen but wasn't expecting it so soon.


april09 - January 4

How is everyone doing? Did everyone survive the holidays? We just finished our 7th and final family Christmas yesterday. I'm battling a terrible cold right now and continue to have the pain in my hip & groin. I have a visit tomorrow with the perinatologist so I'm looking forward to seeing the little guys via ultrasound again. I just can't believe I have less than 3 months to go, I'm starting to feel unprepared! Hope everyone has a Happy New Year!


usmcwife - January 10

Hello! I'm new to this site and just had my first ultrasound today and I'm having twins from an IUI. I'm scared but very excited. I'd love information on great car seats, strollers, etc. Thanks for the information on sharing the bed (I never thought of that.)


april09 - January 10

Congrats usmcwife! I totally understand being scared and excited. I'm 27 weeks and still feel both emotions. I have a 2 1/2 little girl and have used Graco and Britax car seats. I loved the Graco for a carrier but once we used the Britax when she got older, I couldn't imagine using anything else. Britax are pricer, but well worth the money. I just bought another one (since we'll need two) from and got a much better price than buying locally. We used the Graco stroller with our girl that we bought with the infant carrier. When she got older I purchased a Chico stroller and I love it! We are getting a Graco duo-glide (or something like that) so it will hold both car seats. I've heard from several people to have two boppy pillows as well so I'll be purchasing another one. Can you hear the $$ adding up! it will all be worth it though!



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