Chance Of Having Twins

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Sel - October 17

Hello my husband's mum is an identical twin... I was wondering if anyone knows what my chances are of having them? That I know of I dont have any twins in my family


K - October 17

Twins only run on the mother's side of the the fact that its on your husbands side, doesnt matter. AND identical twins arent genetic...only fraternal. Identicals are more of a "fluke" and happen by chance to anyone. Good luck!


well. - October 17

I think that fraternal are more common than and identical tend to be genetic-at least that is what my nurse told me and I don't have any twins in my side of the family and my nurse said that there is a good chance that I could have fraternal-it all depends on ovulation. She said that if there are fraternal twins in your family your chances are higher, but that doesn't mean that you have to have twins in your family in order to have them.


TTC - October 18

So fraternal twins are genetic because why? Is it that it runs in the family to release two eggs at a time? I'm just wondering because it does run in my family my mother has a younger brother and sister that are twins, it also seems that the women in my family are VERY fertile, and get menopause on the early side of the normal age range.


Sel - October 18

So the only way I would have twins if it was genetic on my side the maternal side? I have been pregnant before with twins they were separate is that fraternal? but by the time I had my ultrasound at 8 weeks they had terminated themselves ( they were eight weeks) ? for want of a better that is twice that i have had a positive pregnancy test the first time turned out to be a blighted ovum so I m not having much luck I'm 25 and only young but it is very frustrating not being able to fall pregnant and when I do eventually have a positive pregnancy test i dread going to the ultrasound (the second time i didnt even cry coz i knew something was wrongI had already prepared for bad news.) I have this dreadful fear that next time I get the two blue lines its all going to cave in on itself againand turn out to be another disaster....what I hate is getting my husbands hope up only to tell him he is not going to be a dad just yet! He was looking forward to having the twins obviouslly coz his mum is one.....I'm thinking of not telling him the next time i fall pregnant so If is doesnt work out he wont get hurt again


Irina - October 20

I was also pregnant with twins (without the help of any fertility drugs) until August 2005 when I miscarried both at 7weeks. There has been no history of twins in my family, so I guess I am the first. I feel very depressed with the loss, but am really hoping to have twins again. Is it possible?


hi - October 20

fraternal twins all depends on the womans ovulation really. They say that if your mom or grandmom have had fraternal twins then you're more likely. But I think that they say that because if they were fertile like that then you have a chance to be too. BUT, you can get pregnant with fraternals even if they aren't in your family due to ovulation. But nobody knows when they release more than one egg-you know??



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