Chances Of Twins Multiples

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Kim - June 8

Hi girls. I'm going to test this weekend. AF is due tomorrow and I am having pregnancy symptoms. My biggest symptoms have been high temps, backache, headaches, and AF type cramps. My temp this morning was 99.5! My b___sts aren't really sore (just some sharp twinges)but that doesn't usually happen until my 6th week. Today is CD 27 (I have a 27-29 day cycle). I also got headaches early in my pregnancy. This is my second month on Clomid days 3-7. My first cycle was CD 2-6. Clomid really dried up my cervical mucous both cycles (clomid side effect). I used raw eggwhites as a lubricant during BD, I took Mucinex to thin my cervical mucous, I took a baby asprin every day, and I lost 8 pounds. Eggwhites are sperm-friendly and helps the spermies get to their intended target...the egg(s). You can also use Pre-Seed. Many other lubricants can kill sperm. You can also take plain Guafennisen or Robitussin but Mucinex has 600mg of Guafennisen and Robitussin only has 100mg. It really helped alot this cycle. Clomid can dry up your mucous and make the little you have hostile. The baby asprin helps the uterine lining more conducive to egg implantation. Unfortunately, I've read that some women have these pregnancy symptoms and not be pregnant, but I didn't have these symptoms the last cycle and my temp was 97.4 CD27. BTW, if you do use eggwhites, be careful not to get any of the yolk mixed in (that's where the bacteria is. Don't use an egg that has been sitting out too long). Technically, I can test now with the early pg tests but I'd rather wait until I'm a day or two late. Let's hope it worked!! I'll keep you posted. I already have an appointment with my OB/Gyn on the 23rd. If I'm pg, I should be about 6weeks along by then and I'll talk her into doing an u/s.


Amy - June 8

Kim- it sounds like good news! I hope for the best for you! As far as the driness, my doctor perscribed me Estradol (2mg) to take days 8-12. Hope it does the trick for the dryness. Kim- be sure to let us know when you find out if your preg.!


to Kim - June 10

Have you taken your clomid yet??


to Kim ... - June 10

Have you tested????????????????????????


To Amy - June 10

No, not yet. I'm on CD 29 but I'm sure I O'd late (CD 16 or 18) I want to wait till 14 DPO. I don't want to get disappointed with a false BFN. How's your cycle progressing? I started having sore BBs today and the abdominal heaviness, cramps continue. No headache today. Temp dropped to 98.4. Still hoping these aren't AF symptoms but PG ones. I'll keep ya posted......Kim


alice - June 11

hi everyone i am pregnant and in 1st trimester, i am carrying twins but naturally, i did not use any drug, altough its not a shock since teins run in my family alot my mom my granma and great granma its crazy how it works but im blessed and happy. i hope everyone gets the resuts they want fom the drug even if its not natural .


To Kim- - June 11

Just wondering how the hpt was going? We are anxiously awaiting the best results!


Kim - June 11

I still haven't tested. I'm nervous as hell! LOL...still no (or AF) symptoms persist. My headache has returned. I have a test at home, ready to use but if I O'd around 5/29, then 14 DPO won't be until Monday. I might break down and test tomorrow. I'll let you guys know. Keep your fingers, toes, and legs crossed. A few prayer would also be nice. Thanks yall! ......KIM


KIM - June 11

ITS Saturday night.. now.. DID YOU TEST?? IM anxious to find out!! I Am b__wing baby dust(s) your way!!! :)


KIM!!!!!!!! - June 12

We are going crazy!!! What did the teast say?????


KIM - June 12

The suspense is OVER.............BFP++++++ BFP+++++ BFP++++++++++


KIM!!!!!!!!!!! - June 12

HORAY!!!!! I am so happy for you!!! I can't wait till you find out how many babies are in there :) Congratulations!!!


Sunita - June 13

Hi there, I am sooo happy for you! Best wishes for the journey ahead! I don't want to put any neg vibes in here but I want start on this path too. Alike alot of you gals, I have a reg cycle and already have a son but want to have twins. My story is a long one however in summary I have conceived and lost twins due to prem labour. I don't want replace them 'cos they are my firstborn and always will be however I would like to experience a full-term and the joy of having carried twins and giving my son two siblings instead of one...I hope this doesn't offend or upset any1. Pls let me know your thoughts


TO Kim - June 13

Congrats!! My doc has given me the Clomid because I don't ovulate normally. He has also given it to increase my chances of multiples. I am just curious if you were taking 50mg or 100mg of Clomid. And how many cycles of Clomid did it take to acheive your pregnancy? I will axiously be waiting to hear if you acheived a multiple pregnancy.


Amy - June 14

Hi girls- Just thought I would give an update- I am done with my clomid- I am cd9 today. I took a OPK this morning and a faint line showed, so I should O in a few days. Then onto the 2ww! I will keep you alll posted


CELE - June 14




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