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samantha iow - January 18

hi i need some help, ive got four children, 6,5 and twins who are nearly two, my husband and i would like another baby but i dont think i could handle twins again what is the chance of me having twins again, also they are all girls and i desperatly want a boy what are the chances of me having a boy............


happidaz - January 19

i would say that you have a fifty percent chance of having a boy. statistically speaking. but, you you checked the pH of your cervical fluid. it may by hostile to Y-sperm and that would definitely decease your chance of having a boy. you should google swaying for a boy. that will give you suggestions on ways to increase the likelihood of getting a boy, such as diet changes, vitamins, changing the pH of your cervical fluid and having s_x closer to ovulation. Here are things I've read on the web that may help you: "The female sperm are larger and heartier, so they swim slower, but live longer and can survive in less hospitable environments. Male sperm are smaller, faster, and typically greater in number, but also weaker. The idea is that if you have s_x more than 24-48 hours before ovulation, only the hearty girl sperm will still be alive once the egg releases. If you have s_x closer than 24 hours to O time, then the faster boy sperm will get to the egg first. To sway for a girl, you want to use shallow penetration, and ideally the woman should not orgasm(this changes the PH of the v____a to be more hospitable for male sperm, and also creates contractions that propel the sperm closer to the cervix) It's also suggested to DTD every day from the end of AF to the cutoff before ovulation. For a boy, you want to use deep penetration, and ideally the man and woman should orgasm together. You do not want to have unprotected s_x before Ovulation, as that may mean the girl sperm are still alive when the egg does release. For a girl, the woman can take calcium magnesium and cranberry supplements, and should also lower salt intake." good luck



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