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alanoud - October 30

Hi, I had two births both via c section, but in both babies i didnt need to take any fertilizing medication. and i planned to get pregnent again but i would like to have twins at once, althogh there are no twins in my family i was adviced to take clomid to increase the chance of having multiple babies but am not sure of wethere clomid will be the wrong choice specially i have no fertelization problems. thanx


Kimmer23 - October 30

Personnaly, I wouldn't take meds I didn't need. Clomid only increases your chances of having twins by about 7%. And, clomid has lots of nasty s/e. I know from experience. I take it b/c I need it - I don't ovulate on my own. I just wouldn't want to go through the s/e and risks (like an increased chance of ovarian cancer if you take clomid for sev months) to increase my chances of having twins by such a small margin. you're call though...


Jamie29 - October 30

I agree with Kimmer. Clomid can cause ovarian cysts that are quite painfull. I know since I have had 2 of them from clomid and one of them ruptured once and I thought I was going to die. If there are no twins in your family then clomid isnt going to increase your chance a whole lot. Twins run in my family and my doc said that with twins in the family and taking clomid the chance was only like 10% chance of having twins which still isnt a whole lot. I have been pregnant 2 times both times I took clomid and it has only been 1 in there however both times I was pregnant in the tube and had to terminate the pregnancy. Clomid also gives you terrible mood swings, hot flashes, can cause vision problems, and can thin the uterine lining which is bad if you are trying to get pregnant because the uterine lining needs to be thick to support a pregnancy. I think that clomid is too risky to take with such a little chance of conceiving multiples.


Bonnie - October 30

I have twins. They are a blessing... BUT it's not something you can plan on. Don't take the meds. If you ovulate normally, then I can't imagine that any doctor would perscribe you Clomid. In my opinion, if anyone takes any Medication they don't need its considered drug abuse... So, if you take Clomid, you may be abusing drugs... even though they might not be 'addictive'



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