Clomid 100 Mg 1 5 Second Cycle BFP

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sweetestchic - June 13

Hello, I'm taking clomid 100 mg 1-5 and this is my second cycle .. i just wana know how many of you concieved on the second cycle? many of the things i hear claim that the second or third cycle is the most common to get a bfp ... any stories? give me hope please :(


vivi - June 14

I read somewhere that 50% of women will become pregnant within the first 3 clomid cycles. You will positive. you will be there soon. are u trying for your first babY?


MelissaSLP - June 14

I wasn't on days 1-5, but I concieved my singleton on my 6th cycle, another singleton on the 5th cycle (I m/c'd) and then the next cycle concieved our twins. Try to stay positive, even if this isn't the month for you. I understand the frustration of waiting and TTC (took 2 yrs for our 1st).


sweetestchic - June 15

thanks for your replies ... i was feeling a bit down .. i forgot to take my prenatals, folic acid, rob___tessin, and primrose oil yesturday and that was teh first bding day for us ... i hope that doesnt affect anything .. i have been taking these non stop for two months now ... i hope this one day didnt do something .......... thanks everyone .. b__w baby dust our way please :)


vivi - June 16

I am sure you would be having enough folic acid, and vitamis in your system ,donot worry about that. what cd are u in?Did u ovulate on the previous cycle? I am on 50 mg 5-9 and sign of ovulation..waiting for another 2 weeks and then would start progesterone followed by another clomid cycle -same dosage. Sending you loads of baby dust and LUCK


sweetestchic - June 17

i am taking more than enough folic acid, prenatal vitamins, red rasberry leaf, baby asprin, primrose oil, rob___tessin, and also progesterone creame after my last ovulation. yes i did ovulate last cycle .. i got my LH surge on the opk on day 14 so i might have ovulated on 15 or 16 .... i have no idea why i wasnt pregnant last time ... the dr. isnt worried yet though ... I am currently on cd 10 in the second cycle .. bding every other day since cd 7 .... thanks for the baby dust :)



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