Clomid 50mg Twins

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itsMelissa81 - September 15

Hi everyone I was on clomid 50mg days3-7 i took my last pill yesterday(9-14-08) i wanted to know when is the best time to try to concieve. I really would love to have twins. I been blessed with 2 daughters 5 year old and 5 monthold ( using no meds) I told my doc about wanting twins, and he put me on clomid and prometrium 100mg is there anything else i could do to better my chances. I would love suggestons.


HealthyTwins - July 19

Have you been trying to conceive before taking clomid? Do you ovulate regularly?


Krissy68 - July 20

ItMelissa81 - I just wanted to say good luck. I took clomid cd 2-6 but I took 50mg on cd2 and 100mg on cd 3-6 so I am currently on cd 11 and I started bding on cd8 I am just waiting to see when I will ovulate. I will let you know what happens this time around for me. HealthyTwins - Do you have twins? I am the step mother to 7 year olds twin boys and one has celbral palsy but he can walk and talk and feed hisself he just need help with dressing hisself sometimes. I hope to get to know both of you ladies. Here is a little bit about me. I just turned 41 on Jun 3 and I am currently trying to have another baby. I have been with my fiance for 2 years as of today. I have 4 daughters from a previous relationship and their ages are 20 (21 in Sep) 18 (19 in Aug), 15 and 4 (5 in Oct) I also have 2 granddaughters 2 (3 in Aug) 5 months next week. I am also the step mom to 7 year old twin boys one has celbral palsy he isn't in a wheelchair or anthing like that.I am hoping and praying to have 1 more child a son because my father and his brothers all had girls so I would love to carry on my fathers last name. I do have a gyn appointment on July 27 to see what the game plan is she wanted me to try on my own for the last 3 months. I will let you all know how it went. I guess that is it with me. I look forward to getting to know you both. Krissy68



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