Clomid Confused

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Maz - September 29

Hi everyone, been reading though all the posts and its very encouraging so see so many woman with positive stories! I am just about to start taking clomid....I am 24, and have PCOS. I have had a number of cysts from a young age (11yrs) and was put on dianette at this age, I came off the pill a number of years back to give my body a break & to see if I could have a period, 6 months came & went and nothing. I went back on and came off Dianette in Feb of this year for good to start trying for a baby. Again I had no periods, I went to a gynecologist and she checked out my ovaries and ran other tests, my scan showed small cysts on both my overis, but all my tests came back normal. She gave me duphaston & clomid, unfortunately i was having some work issues and was stressed and didnt end up taking clomid, just the duphaston, I had a period that it gives you, this was May time. Since then I have had 1 spontanious period! MY FIRST so was very happy, but nothing since... :-( I went back to the Drs recently and she gave me duphaston and clomid to start taking i see that i have to take duphaston for 10 days..then take clomid on CD 3 to 7 ( what point during this am I most fertile?)....then what do i do....if i dont become pregnant, do I just keep on taking clomid and if so when do i start it again? Sorry, a lot of info i know! any help, much appreciated. Thanks


freebird - September 30

If you don't become pregnant this cycle you should ask your doctor what to do regarding your medication. She knows your medical history and can give you the best advice.


Maz - September 30

thanks, my Dr did give me a prescription to get 3 boxes of clomid.....but as I said its been a while since i got them so have forgotten what to do...once i have taken clomid for the 1st time, do you know when I take the tablets again?


freebird - September 30

no, I don't know and I don't think anyone here can give you accurate advice. Call you doctor and ask. Even if it's been a while since you've seen her it will be in your chart and she can tell you what to do. If you don't get a regular period she may want to test you for pregnancy or induce your period before advising you to take the next pack. Your doctor is definitely the person to ask.



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