Clomid Unprescribed

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macs - November 5

Hi I was just wondering has anyone ever taken clomid unprescribed, and if so did they successfully become pregnant, ive had a number of miscarriages and I just cant face another one... I have read that clomid helps to ensure that the egg is viable and the most mature is released, i have just ordered some clomid online and i am going to start them in my next cycle... any advice really welcome :D


Temperance - November 6

Hello Macs, I have managed to become pregnant via clomid, I am five weeks pregnant so do not know if it will stick but hope so. I used clomid days 1-5 after reseach as this allows for a drop after using to allow the follicules to be released. I didn't use anything else as we weren't well and had given up on this month due to only BDing once but I do have Folic Acid from before I was pregnant and multi-vits. I also had ready pre-seed just incase. I would reccomend taking the clomid before bed, I didn't have any side effects but everyone is diffrent. Good Luck


Teddyfinch - November 8

temperance: i wish you luck with your pregnancy. i'm not trying to scare you in any way, but i have not heard of anyone that has taken clomid days 1-5 having a pregnancy that completed as the follicles were too underdeveloped. i wish you luck, though, and give you mucho baby dust. macs: you don't have to start a new thread when you've replied in another. this forum isn't for clomid.


nataish16 - November 8

I have used clomid days 2-6 this is my first cycle...I ovulated on cycle day 18 so I'll keep yha posted!


nataish16 - November 8

Oops I mean I o'd on cycle day 18


ashmcc - November 11

Hey Ladies I wanted to know what is the best site to buy clomid. I don't ovulate and I have irregular cycles. I loss my baby girl at 18weeks pregnant in August 08. I'm ready to start again but I have not had a cycle since my loss. Dr is willing to give me provera but I have to have lots of test that my insurance doesn't cover before I can take clomid. So where can I buy?


ashmcc - November 11

By the way I don't want twins at all. I want a baby! If I do get preggo with twins I would have to live with it but one at a time.


Temperance - November 16

Teddyfinch, thanks for your post, I don't know if it will stick I hope so but we'll see. Thanks for the dust!


Emmie2706 - December 1

I took Clomid unperscribed back in Sept. I havent ovulated i'm not pregnant and haven't had AF since. I have PCOS and been TTC #1 for 2 years. I have taken provera to induce AF and was going to try Clomid again. Before I took 50mg a day CD 2-6. Because 50mg didnt work should I now try 100mg? What cycle day would be the best to start from?


Kenny lou - December 8

Hi I have used clomid (presribed) and went through all the tests- on our 3rd round of clomid, taken days 2-6 of my cycle, using pre-seed, I became pregnant with our DS.. I'm now about to try for baby #2 and due to PCOs, very irregular periods (I mean sometime only twice a year) I will be using clomid again. Just a word of Caution use the low does for 3 months, give yourself a break and then do another 3 month course- Clomid can cause over stimulation in your ovaries- VERY PAINFUL and can be dangerous.



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