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Longing for a baby - February 2

Hi Let me introduce myself, I’m Simone, 23 and from the United Kingdom. Me and my husband (27) have been trying for a baby since we got married 2 and half years ago. In September last year we were referred to a specialist at our local centre for reproductive medicine, after undergoing a few tests I was diagnosed with PCOS, and have got a partially blocked fallopian tube. I was recently prescribed Clomid, 50mg, as my PCOS meant that I was not ovulating. I was instructed to take the Clomid on day 2 to 6 of my cycle and start taking them on day 2 of my 31 day cycle. On day 8 of my cycle I had to go back to specialist for a follicle scan, and they identified a follicle which was 7.7mm in size, I was informed that a good follicle would reach 17mm and that they grew approx 1mm a day….I was asked to go back on day 12 of my cycle which I did, and they found that the follicle had grown to be 11.7mm….then I was asked to go back on day 17 of my cycle and was informed that the follicle had gone. I was very upset and disappointed because the whole point of going back for the scans after my first course of Clomid were to identify whether I was ovulating. Since then, I have been asked to go back for a blood test on day 21 to find out if I ovulated….and then I will have to go through it all over again next month. On top of this I must add, that between day 8 and including day 15 me and my hubby had intercourse everyday to maximise our chances of conception. On day 16, the day before the final scan I had a bit of discomfort around my ovaries for the first time ever….and I made sure that we had intercourse on day 17 in case I had ovulated on day 16. Over the past few days I still have the odd shooting pain around my ovaries and yesterday notice some spotting (just the once), and have period like pains without any period……. Does it sound like I did ovulate, and what do you think are my chances of conception? I am so desperate for a baby, as I am sure you all are to. The point of me posting is that I don’t really understand the whole process, and am hoping that someone can offer me further advice or information, or that someone can relate to what I have written and perhaps help me to think more positively. I am really sorry about the long post Thank you in anticipation, Simone xx *Good luck and best wishes to you all*


Shoot4thestars - February 2

hello I am also trying to get preg. again the first time I tryed to get pregnant I took clomid 50 then 100ml but the headaches were so bad I stopped taking them to seek natural help through Ovulex for a little while. You can find that on the internet and try it out also Femara is good to but you have toget that through your doc.


Longing for a baby - February 2

My hubby wouldn't like me to get tabs from the internet, but I may mention those meds when I go back to the specialist, thanks. How long have you been trying for? x


Shoot4thestars - February 4

I've been tring for a year n a half. I try to look at the bright side but, when you want something so bad its hurts. How about Prenatal Vitamins have you tried those and also at the Organic stores (Raison Rack) they have diffrent vitamines for diffrent things too. Since I am on clomid and Prenatal vitamine I rather wait to go back to the other vitamines to see if this works. I hope this works for me but, Before I was taking clomid I was trying the natural bowl flush and veggi diet for a week with folic acid and prenatal vitamines. That worked for a friend of mine but not for me. What specialist do you go to (is it you regular doc or a fertility specialist)? Have you got an HSG yet to see if you have clear tubes. If you have a blocked tube then maybe your doc can give you a hsg to clear you tubes and sometime that makes you fertile for up to three months. I am waiting for my doctor to call me to reschedual mine. How many days do your MP last? They say you supposed to ovulate days 10-17 but earlier when you take clomid early.-8-15possibly.


shell404 - February 4

what cycle days are you guys on!?.. I am on CD25 and took progesterone for the first 10 days of jan and clomid on cd3-7


Shoot4thestars - February 4

Cd 15 if I am correct you count from the day of the first day ? I took clomid 3-5 and estrodial and suppose to take prochieve but that stuff is 280$ geeeesh!!!


Longing for a baby - February 5

Hi Yep, it hurts so much, and no matter how much you try to look on the bright side it is still heart breaking- but it's nice to speak with people like you guys who really do understand how it feels. I am taking Sanatogen prenatal vitamins, I had hycosy last year, and they said the dye was going through one fine, nt so good with the other. With regards to the specialist, my local GP referred to me to the centre for reproductive medicine at my local hospital, you get 'x' amount of free treatment before you go on to pay for it. I keep hearing people talking about preseed- anyone know what this does?


Longing for a baby - February 5

Oh, and I am currently on day 23


shell404 - February 5

Longing** are you having any preg symptoms?


Shoot4thestars - February 6

Hey guys my belly is sore today almost feels like I am about to start. Everytime I stand up it feels like that. It is only cd 17 and I am not supposed to start early. Could it be that today I am ovulating? Maybe I should buy a ovulation kit... What you all think?


Teddyfinch - February 8

have you kept an eye on your cm? that's usually the dead giveaway.


lovelybubbly001 - December 10

hi longing for a baby i am also trying for a baby.this is my 2nd cycle with clomid.the first time i took 50mg i got a follicule on day 29 dat measured 12mm n then after day 31 it becomes 15 n then 18 i ovulated but very late.after 14 days of ovaulation i got period on my own.i was happy n sad too.sad becoz i coundnt conceive n happy coz i got period on my own. my last period was on 9th nov.this time i took clomid 100mg (day 2-6) .i got a follicule on day 24 measuring 12mm but when i went for another scan on day 27 (5 dec) nurse said there is nothing.looked like she dint moniter me properly.when i went on 8th dec no follicule was there .i told nurse abt my confusion dat i got follicule n on day 27 not scaned properly.she told we will give u blood test form on dat ur progestone level will tell dat u ovulated or not. this is so n hubby did a lot intercourse to maximizes the chances of conception.i know how do u feel becoz m on the same am going tommorrow for scan this will be my day 33,n after day 35 i ve to take provera for induce period.otherwise take a blood test n wait at least one week for results after dat i can take provera.this time i ve to take 100mg(day 2-6) m depreesed sorry abt the long post plz share if anybody experience this. thanks


Emma3477 - March 28

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