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anne1224 - November 27

Ok so I've been reading a ton on people having twins prescribed or unprescribed and on different time schedules of clomid. I think I've noticed a pattern of those using days 1-5 almost always having multples (many times triplets) and those using later having singles. If you used clomid, was it prescribed or unprescribed (meaning do you ovulate already), what days did you use it and did it result in a single, twin or triplet pregnancy. Thanks!! u/p, days 3-7, 6 weeks (not sure if its a multiple yet)


Tenk - November 28

Hi, thanks for the poll, I'm very curious as well. I took it U/P days 1-5 and I'm 5.4 weeks, and hoping it's twins. I actually have a gut feeling it is, so my fingers are crossed. What a neat Christmas present for our family if we can get an early U/S photo of 2 babies to pa__s out. Oh, I wish you luck....are you hoping for multiples? or just one babe. If we end up with 1, 2, or 3 we'll be happy we just want them to be healthy. ~~Teneal~~


anne1224 - November 28

Teneal, I also have a hunch its twins! My grandmother is a fraternal twin so they do run a bit in our family, I just wanted a little help :) I know we'll probably get some people who are bitter that we can already conceive and that we're selfish to want twins, but people take meds that help with lots of things so why not allowing me to produce an extra egg? I'm 5 weeks 6 days so we're both going to be due about the same time!! My doc wont do an u/s until I'm at least 8 weeks so I made an appointment for Dec 18th. I have my first appointment this coming monday with a midwife, they may at least tell me if I'm measuring a little big, that might be a good sign :) If its twins I'm gonna get a "thing 1 and thing 2" onsies to give my mom with a pic under that in a frame. I think she'll freak, she was too shocked when we told her we were preggo to get super excited, I hope this would do it! I am trying to remind myself that it may only be one and to not be dissapointed if it is, one baby is still such a huge blessing!! I'm so excited. I think that days 1-5 are better for getting more eggs produced, I think if I had to do it over again I would have done what you did, but we'll see, maybe it will happen anyway! Have you gained any weight?? I'm up 6lbs already!! I havn't really been eating a ton, everythign is just sticking to me.


Tenk - November 28

Oh, good thing we don't care who bashes us.....hehe. I hope that we both get our twins!


5dcubed - November 28

hi, I also have taken clomid unprescribed days 3-7 second month and am currently almost 5 weeks pregnant.


anne1224 - November 29

OK so I was reading some old posts. One person (Kim) took days 3-7 on 50mg and conceived triplets! Though she lost one (which is probably normal with so many babies). Still waiting to hear from others, I know there are many out there! I guess people are too busy with their babies :) When are your ultrasounds??


Tenk - November 29

Hi girls, Just an update.....I am having a miscarriage. My HCG was 230 on 15 dpo and now it's only 28. So as soon as my cervix opens all the way, it'll all be gone. DH and I are going to stop trying and take a break for a year or so. Maybe, not have anymore at all. who knows. I can't wait to hear how many you'll all end up dust to you!!!


Phoenix1 - November 30

Hello all :) After 8 months of TTC, I had taken clomid 50mg days 3-7 prescribed for unexplained infertility after 3 normal pregnancies. I got a BFP on my 2nd cycle of clomid. Sounds like we'll all be due about the same time!!! I see my OB/GYN on Tuesday, I'll let you know how it goes.


Zerafa05 - November 30

anne1224 - Kim from the other posts actually conceived her triplets natually. She had ordered and received her Clomid but had not really started taking in before she found out she was pregnant. I too am curious about your poll. Sounds like you have it all worked out. Good Luck and baby dust to all~~ Mel


anne1224 - November 30

Aww Tenk that sucks about the ms! think about if you really want to give up. Remember that babies are complicated things to grow! One cell not replicating right is all it takes - its a miracle anyone gets born. I know its pessimistic but I try to keep that in my mind incase I have a ms, then I'll just try again! If you really want another baby, give it another try! The worst thing is another ms. The best thing is another (or more) babies! Also remember that when you do days 1-5 you are more likely to have eggs that aren't as developed. Maybe try days 4-8? Then your closer to the "better egg" range? Mel, I guess I misread what she had said. I thought I was paying attention. Guess its pregnancy brain! Pheonix, let me know how it goes tuesday! I'll be a bit over 6 weeks at my appointment on monday, guess they wont be able to tell if its twins until the u/s on the 18th though.


Phoenix1 - December 2

Ok, Had my ultrasound early (Friday) I am officially 6 weeks 2 days pregnant with.......TWINS!!!!! Beta HCG was a little over 39,000! Every thing looked great!!! I'm a little overwhelmed feeling, but overjoyed. Due 7/26 *******babydust***


5dcubed - December 2

hi phoenix1 congrats on your twins you must be so excited, did you take clomid prescribed or uprescribed and what dosage what days if you don't mind me asking:)


anne1224 - December 2

AHH thats so exciting!! I finally go in for my first exam on Monday, but they wont be doing an ultrasound. They'll take blood and stuff I'm sure, so if its near where yours is I'll probably get pretty excited! I am just dying here wanting to find out if its twins. What are your symptoms? I'm dying of hunger all the time and just totally exhausted. How are you feeling?? How are you going to tell your family?? I'm hoping to have some exciting news for my family at christmas!


Phoenix1 - December 3

Well, I was on prescribed clomid 50 mg days 3-7. I have 3 other children, but then became infertile for unknown reasons (I'm only 27) and needed help (Clomid). I was on my 2nd cycle of Clomid. Anne1224, You Sound just like me!!! I have no real morning sickness to speak of, but I'm constantly starving and tired. My hands also seemed to be a little swollen every morning, I'm a small frame person so this was odd to me. Let me know how you appt goes Monday. Good Luck for All!!!


5dcubed - December 3

thanks i am just over 6 weeks pregnant and was also on 50mg days 3-7 2nd cycle my fourth child and feeling way more everything than with others kids not sick at all couldnt even tell i was pregnant this one extremely tired slept all day last weekend ! and upset stomache and have already gained wieght usually small and weigh just over 100lbs but already packing on pounds have not booked or gone to doctors yet


MelissaSLP - December 3

I concieved 2 singletons (one m/c'd) on Clomid days 5-9. 100 mg for the first, 150 mg. for the second (m/c'd) and then twins on 150 mg. days 5-9. I've heard that the earlier in the cycle you take, the higher the chance of multiples.


Tenk - December 3

An update, we have decided to keep TTC'ing, the clomid is in my drawer but next time I will do days 2-6 or 3-7 so that i produce better follies since I lost (what I know were twins) from days 1-5. Good Luck to you all!



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