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Tenk - January 1

Hi everyone, just checking in. I'm on CD3 and started my clomid again at 100mg. Doc said he didn't need to monitor me this month but when/IF I start it again next month he will do regular UltraSounds for follies and stuff. How are you all feeling these days? Lot's of BFP's and twins the last few weeks of the year.....updates please ....hehe ~Teneal


Phoenix1 - January 4

Well, havent found the van yet. DH cant decide. Glad to hear your back from your road trip hopingforablessing, Hope you had a great christmas/new years. I am 11 weeks today, have appt. tomorrow. I am already starting to feel flutters every so often. I rented a doppler, oh I love it!!! Hearing both babies heartbeats every night makes me sleep so much better. Nausea is getting better, but I'm still sooo tired! How is everyone else?


Phoenix1 - January 12

Sooo excited right now, just got home from my 12 week U/S and both babies are active and healthy!!! No sign of any abnormaities anywhere and each baby has 10 fingers! (lost a baby 1 1/2 years ago at 18 weeks to Down's syndrome, didn't have hands either) Everything looks beautiful! 2 sacs, 2 placentas-very close together. Might be identical!!!!


hopingforablessing - January 12

PHOENIX, What exciting news. I am so glad to hear that you received an u/s and that everything looks wonderful. That has to be the best news you can get right now. I'm sorry to hear about your loss. I can't imagine being that far into a pregnancy and having a devasting loss happen. It would take some great strength to get through it. TENK-are you playing that waiting game? Let us know how things go. Tanya


Tenk - January 12

I am on CD14 now and I still have not O'd yet...I hate the waiting to O and wonder if DH is even going to be home on the day that I need him here. Work calls when your a fireman. I did my 100mg of clomid days 3-7 this month, my side effects were a bit more weird this month or a bit more intense....even tho i took 100mg before. Oh well.....I wish I could hurry up and O already. DH will be home on Sat. Sun. & Mon.......oh please oh please let me O this week end oh please oh please......Hoping.......I hope that everything is going well for you you want it to be twins? I still hope that I get pregnant with twins............that Cheri lady that does predictions said I would have a boy and tons of my friends keep saying they can just see me having at least 2 babies from the clomid.. Ok, I'm done rambling. night night ladies.


hopingforablessing - January 14

TENK- I hope your husband is home and the timing is right this month. Looks like your chances of O are good for this weekend. I am feeling pretty good, for being pregnant I can' t complain. I would love to have twins. When I deliver my kids will be 8,6,5 and twins would be a great way to finish off our little family. However I don't think my chances are that high. I took clomid days 5-9 at 50mg. I am a twin so if that helps will see. I just keep telling myselfs that it's in God's Hands, he knows what I can handle. Baby dust to all. Tanya


LauraEssary - January 15

OMG.. I cant believe I found ya'll.. About a year ago I saw a forum about twins and clomid (taking it on purpose without prescription).. I was pregnant with a single son,, my second son.. I want a girl and I want twins to increase my chances.. I plan to take clomid when I begin trying for a girl.. I was hoping to find this site again.. About the girl kim who concieved tripplets.. I think she concieved 3 but only had one in the end.. Has their been any success stories? I've heard their are other drugs other then clomid you have to take so that your folicles release.. is that true? I've also heard of taking robotusin to help produce cm and baby asparine.. non sure why though.. any other suggestions.. oh and where to buy all of that.. I cant remember anything I learned but Im back and hope to learn soon.. What days are best for twins.. what about girls?? Look forward to your posts! -Laura


Veda - January 15

Hey Ladies, I just had to ask........ Tenk, what lady are you speaking of that does predictions? It sounds interesting if for nothing more than pure amusment I'm curious, is she any good?


Veda - January 15

Oh! almost forgot. Did you O? and if so how dd it Go Tenk?


Tenk - January 16

Hi Veda.....she is Cheri22(use the at symbol here) or don't remember it completely. Look in the Problems getting pregnant section of this forum, and look under Cheri predicitions part 4 and there it is. I still have not O'd on CD18....bleh.


cntrygrl - January 16

Hi ladies!!! I'm taking clomid u/p 50mg. I took it cd 1-5. I o'd this week, so I can't wait until the end of the month to see if anything happens. This is my first cycle with Clomid. Other than it leaving a really bad taste in my mouth, I had no side effects. Good luck to all of you~~And baby dust!!


MichMom - January 16

Phoenix-congrats on your twins! As a mom of identical twin boys-all I can say is: welcome aboard and get ready for a bumpy ride! My OB took me off work at 20 weeks. I was HUGE and uncomfortable and she was sick of my complaining. That was June 05 and between then and when I delivered the twins in September I was in the hospital 3 times. I was in a hospital bed when Katrina hit down south and I watched it all horrified from my hospital bed. Twins are a blessing and very challenging-as I am sure all multiples are. If you ever need tips or advice or just some TLC you can email me any time- I see you posted your number-you can call me anytime, too. If you want I can send you my number in email. Oh and also-the BEST minivan is the Dodge Grand Caravan with Sto and Go! It has been a godsend for us! When I go out shopping with the twins I can fold the back seats in and change their diapers right there-plenty of room for both of them! I also have the dual dvd player-that is a MUST have! Good luck and be prepared for the unexpected with your little ones! Drats! how do we post our emails on here??


MichMom - January 16

Here it is Angela (Phoenix) conservamommy at yahoo dot com


MichMom - January 16

Oh yeah and at 10 weeks we took the kids to Gettysburg in a Dodge Ram extended cab. The mountain pa__s to Gettysburg in that truck at 2 am is what did me in. I thought I was going to die. At that point I didn't know I was having twins but the doc suspected something because I was larger than I should be at that point. I was measuring more along the lines of 4 months instead of 2.5 months. When we finally arrived at our final destination, which was Virginia, we ended up at a Dodge dealer looking at minivans! LoL


Laceyandsamsmamma - January 19

OMG thank you finially the forum i have been looking for with people who dont judge and have info on taking clomid to have twins. My husband is 41 and I am almost 27 . He has a 17 year old daughter from his first wife and now we have a 4 year old girl and 2 year old boy and he said he is getting to old to be having kids soooo he said this was his last time getting me pregger. I desperatly want 2 more kids so twins was a great solution. Between my 2 kids I had 2 m/c and one was a set of twins that m/c 2 weeks apart. I never thought I could have twins since they arent in the family but low and behold they were there and now I cant get them out of my mind and I really want a set to complete this family. I have been taking unprescribed clomid for 3 months now increasing each time with no avail. this was my last set of pills soo I am praying it will work for me please sprinkle some baby dust my way :-)


cntrygrl - January 19

Lots and lots of sticky baby dust your way laceyandsamsmamma!!! Good luck!



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