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fallout - January 27

Okay. I just wanted to throw this idea out there... But I design websites. If you want to see one I did go to glitterveins dot com or anotherteenmom dot com or br___tmilkmonger dot com and take a look. I was thinking... maybe we could create a site, with a forum, and even a classifieds section (to sell our leftover stuff?) and to have all the research we've found compiled, and keep a specific record for success stories and the regimens associated with them? It'd make it a lot easier than reading through pages and pages of forums... I could design it, easily. And I think it'd be great to have it all in one place and easily sorted... We'd all have to pitch in and find resources for information (so i can write them up on the site) and maybe some of you guys could be mods on the forum, and such. The only thing we need to think of is a name for the site, and i'm kind of broke, but if we can pitch in the money towards a domain ($14.99) I have free hosting because of my other sites... What does everyone think?


fallout - January 27

The only name I can think of so far is TTCTwins


gonnatry4#2 - January 28

i posted this in the other forum where you posted this question. i love the idea of the clomid twin site. i have a website/forum too ohbaby(dot)forumotion(dot)com i had so much fun putting it together. i think you can also introduce other subforms for those who are using clomid. for example: you can have sections for those who are interested in u/p clomid and are looking for support to because if you mention u/p clomid on any site really people scream you down, all we want is support from others who are going through the same thing. sounds like a marvelous plan. it would have to be well moderated because you will get bashers who will come and victimize users about their decisions. if you need any sort of help with it ill be willing to help you. moderate or anything. as for names, im not very good at that sort of thing... im trying to think but cant come up with any.. lol. i will do some looking around and see what i find.


gonnatry4#2 - January 28

oh yeah and the cla__sifieds sounds really good. we will have to lock the site so that only those who have registered can enter otherwise you might get fakers... with a site like this there will need to be quite a bit of security because you dont want suspicious people giving away clomid thats actually tranquilizers or something more sinister. ooh exciting!! this sounds so fun!


fallout - January 30

Yeah... But, if we appoint a few mods, I think it could be good! I'll make it if I can get some help buying the domain name (14.95) but I can host it free. Just gotta buy the name


gonnatry4#2 - January 30

ok lets come up with a name. then put a donation kitty type thing on pay pal and get people to pay into to the kitty. i will donate some but the $ conversion is very high so i will offer a little.


gonnatry4#2 - February 4

fallout are you still looking into doing this?


fallout - February 4

Yes, I still am! Sorry, I've been really busy with school this last week! I'm pre-med, so I get a little chaos going on every now and then! So far, for names, I'be though of ttctwins(dot)com dreamingoftwins(dot)com doublebelly(dot)com dreamingoftwo(dot)com Any other suggestions? I wanted to keep it fairly generic, so its not JUST for people taking clomid, but people trying natural ways, and other medications too, you know? I can buy the domain name as soon as we get $14 bucks donated towards it (I'm broke until March/April) but like I said, I can host the domain for free on my own account. If anyone wants to donate via paypal towards it, send your donation to support(at)glitterveins(dot)com


bnblewis - February 5

I like


gonnatry4#2 - February 15

fallout: i was just thinking, why dont you just make one of those forum websites... the free ones like forumnation dot com then you wont need money. unfortunately as much as i would like to give you the money my cash flow is really low. im hoping this will change in April when i get a job but right now things are tight and i really thing this sort of website would be great!


fallout - February 15

I don't like the free ones because you don't have complete control over everything like you do on your own domain. I'll probably just pay for it and accept donations.


fallout - February 15

Okay. I have the domain name. It's ttctwins(dot)com so now i just have to wait 24 hours for it to activate and then i can start building it


gonnatry4#2 - February 16

its AWESOME fallout! i will def help you out once finances come in!!! i would still love to be a moderator to help you control the boards!


fallout - February 16

I made you a moderator! :D Now, we just need to get the word out about it to all the women ttc twins on all the different message boards! lol That's kind of hard though, because this is the only one I know!


gonnatry4#2 - February 16

dont worry, ill spread the news about this website like wild fire!!!



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