Clomid In Your System

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KH - November 6

I have been on Clomid the past 6 cycles. This is my first cycle without it, Dr. thought it would be a good idea to give my uterus a 6-12 month break. I heard that Clomid stays in your system 1-2 cycles after you stop taking it. Has anyone else heard that? I'm just wondering if that is true. Thank you for any input.


Hi KH - November 15

I'm not sure either, I am 34 and have a 10 year old son, and started trying for #2 when he was 3. After a few years and alot of tests, the doctor put me on clomid. I was on it, off and on for 3 years under fertility doctors guidence. I have been off the clomid for a year now, (I gave up) THEN I found out Sept 9th I was pregnant, now I am 15 weeks and almost certain its twins. I'd like for someone to tell us how long it stays in your system also. Have a good day!


mama-beans - November 15

It's not that Climid stays in your system, it is more like the effects of Clomid ( wild, unnatural hormones) can last for a couple months after quiting. Your body has been in an unnatural state for half a year, with chemically induced surges, etc. It may take a little time for that to calm down to normal. I haven't heard of a doc that would prescribe Clomid for more then a 6 month trial, simply because of the risks involved with continued use.


KH - November 15

Thank you for your responses. If I don't get pregnant in the next year my Dr wants me to try the Clomid one more time. Although I 'feel" pregnant this month. I should wait to test until at least Friday. My b___st are sore and I am feeling sick to my stomach. I guess we will see...I wonder if it could be multiples....I'll keep you posted and again thank you for your opinions


KH - November 19

Well, here's an update! This was my first cycle without Clomid and I got a BFP at 9 DPO. And have been having all of the symptoms since then. I'm not really sure what to think. I have NEVER had a BFP so early nor symptoms this early. Both of my other pregnancies I got my BFP 2 days after AF was supposed to be here. Also I alwasy start with symptoms at 6 wks pregnant. I go to the Dr in 2 wks...I'll keep you posted.


to KH - November 29

Good luck with your pregnancy! Keep us posted, I'll cross my fingers that you'll have twins!!



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