Clomid Ladies Ttc What Cd Did You O

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mandy - November 26

Hello...just want to know what cd you o'd and how did you monitor yourself? ie. o sticks or bbt? I'm on cd13 and feel like I might have missed it!! thanks


Melissa - November 26

Hey there. I concieved 3 times with clomid (one singleton, one miscarriage and a set of twins - now 9 weeks old). I ovulated late, day 19 usually and I found that O sticks predicted better than the digital fertility monitors. Good luck!!!!


Elena - November 27

Hi I'm on clomid 50 mgs first cycle since I've had surgery for scar tissue on my tubes.I'm pretty sure that I ovulated on cd 17. Reason for that is I've been using to opk starting on 11-20 everyday and got a faint line on the surge part you could not see, and that friday the 25th at 11pm I noticed that my cm was like egg whites and have been cramping like I'm getting AF so I took a opk and had to DARK LINES so I'm pretty sure I ovualted. I will have to wait about 3 weeks to see if I'm pregnant. Baby Dust**


sa - January 12

hello , i am going to have a tubal reversal in march. if everything comes out ok i would like to start taking clomid. how long ago did you get surgery on your tubes before taking clomid?


mom of twins - January 12

i od on day 15 used an opk as the darkest on the 15 and 17


Lilly - January 13

Hi, I started with clomid last month for the first time, 50mg days 3-7, than had U/S day 12 and my doctor said I had 2 large eggs from both sides, 23 and 24mm and Im was just about to ovulate.That day and next one I had strong pain comming from both ovaries, so probably ovulation occured 13 or 14.After that I had not pain at all, but not being lucky to get pregnant.Today is my day 8 and Im on secon round but with 100mg fertomid and Im wandering what will happend.Will start test OPK tomorrow.Baby dust to all.


Elena - January 14

Hi I'm back and PREGNANT I owe it all to fertilaid it help me regualte my cycle and ovualte only took for 24 days and voila!!!


Lilly - January 14

Congrats on your pregnancy Elena.My ovulation days are just about to come, few days to go.Hope I'll be l'll lucky this month too.Will see soon.Good luck to all.


yas2000 - January 14

i normally ovulate around days 14-16 but with clomid i noticed i ovulated later on cd 18 or cd 19...i used opk's...which showed up stronlgy positve for 2 full days and one half day!i bd'd 3 days prior to the positive OPK and the first 2 days of the positive OPK and then again 2 days after the possible ovulation!!! i am now pregnant with a singleton....and am 10 weeks far so good... i think you should still keep taking OPK's or temp readings until at least cd may still O if you feel you haven't found it yet...good luck!!!


Ashleyg - January 17

i am on my first round of clomid, cd 5-9 and i finally got my first +OPK on cd18! lots of bd for me and dh now...i hope it works!


jennifer sellers - January 17

hi, i am new to this board and it has been very helpful reading all your stories and knowing your not alone out there.I have been on clomid for 4 months now along with metformin. Im up to 150mg of clomid i just had a hsg done last week and my tubes are open! I went to the doctor yesterday to have a ultrasound and i have 3 mature eggs, i got my blood levels back today and they are higher than they have been yet. they are 640 which is realy good. im realy keeping my fingers crossed that this will be the month! it is true that you have a higher chance of becoming pregant after a hsg? If anyone has went threw anything similiar or if you have any comments i would love to hear them. thanks and best of wishes to all of you!!!


Natalie - January 17

Hi everyone..I'm new. I'm on CD 3 and will be starting on Clomid 50 mg tonight. Days 3-7. I'm taking it at night to hopefully keep the side effects at bay. I was also wondering what day to expect O, if it occurs. I have irregular cycles, but when I do O, it's usually around CD 14,15 or 16, which would be pretty average, I guess. The doc just said to starting testing on CD 8 until I get a pos. O, we'll see what happens. I'm only going to TTC this month and next and if not preggo by then wait until the summer. Call me silly, but I don't want to have a baby around Holiday time because everything is chaotic enough that time of year.


Lilly - January 19

Hey girlls, Today is my CD 13 and OPK test shows two faint lines so probably I'll ovulate within 1,2 or 3 days.This is my second round on clomid but this time 100mg.No to many side effects and I'll have no idea how many follies I'll have this time.Will let you know. Baby dust to all.


Anne - January 21

I didn't ovulate until day 16. I was feeling the same way (thinking I had missed it) and then, boom, LH surge! By the way, I had a great deal of discomfort the day I ovulated and the day after. Has anyone else had this experience with clomid?


Lillly - January 22

I had lh surge day 13, 14 and 15 very faint line in the morning.Had a lots of pain in my ovaries so at list know fertomid worked for me.Specialy right side was sooo painfull and I had painfull intercourse for 3 days.Today is my day 16 and have no pain any more.Im just wondering have I had 1,2 or 3 eggs, becouse compering clomid cycle one, this one is round two, had pain and 2 follies, mature.Second round ive used 100mg fertomid and had double pain than last time.Now, Im just hopping and praying this time to be lucky.If not, we are thinking next month IUI or stright IVF.Do you think girlls, if you have more than one eggs you may ovulate at different days?


Natalie - January 23

Hi girls. Today is CD 9 for me. I was on Clomid (first round) 50 mg. CD 3-7. I had a couple minor headaches and a hot flash or two, but other than that-no side effects. I have a saliva ovulation tester...has anyone heard of them.?... a couple of months ago, I thought I was O'ing, but would never getting a pos o test, so I bought one. It will show a fern pattern under a microscope when you are close (1-2 days before) ovualtion. I tested on CD 7 am, just for the heck of it....and it was showed ferns like crazy! Still today...complete fern pattern, but I took a regular O test and line fainter than the other. I'm kinda confused. My Dr. didn't really tell me when I should O, just that it might be late...but this is VERY early...Anyone start O'ing as soon as you finished? Also-I've had no O cramps or anything....if anyone can offer some advice, that would be great. Thanks.


Lilly - January 23

Natalie, I think you tested too early.Many web sites said if you taking clomid you shoul at list 3 days avoid after last pill to test OPK becose it can give false positive result.I'm taking clomid days 3-7, this was my secound round, and first month I had OPK positive at CD 12, this month CD 13 and it probably stayes for 1 or 2 days.On clomid instraction they said tha we ovulate 5-12 days after last clomid pill.As well I'm using maybe baby silava microscop, and it can give as well false result becouse estrogen level may be different as hormons works under clomid.Anyway, try BD even now, but definitlley test again next days to see if again positive.Good luck!



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