Clomid Making You Crazy

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Bless - May 2

I was wondering if anyone else out there is having a hard time taking Clomid. I am taking it days 2-7 and i find when i am on it iam a mess. I cry alot, get very cranky and just want to be left alone. EVERYTHING bothers me... just wanna see if this is normal ?


Shey - May 2

Hey there Bless, I to had some of these symtoms the first round. After that though I took it at night and that made all the difference in the world. I havent had any sysmtoms sense.. course I havent O on it as of yet either. I am starting to wonder if it is even working for me as this is my 3rd round now. I am wondering just how many multiple moms out there have used clomid without the trigger and ended up with a multiple pregnancy anyway. I dont seem to O even while useing it so I doubt that I have to worry about multiple eggs anyway .


Bless - May 2

Thanks Shey, im going to try taking it at night this time. Is there any other reason why you can conceive? I was put on Clomid because i had long cycles like 35-40 days


amanda0203 - May 2

Bless my cycle was 33-42 days too. I took clomid at night fay 1-5 without any symptoms during the time i took it. i started having slight nausea, sensation in right and left side in cd 14-16. for my emotional sign, i try to think of the excitement of getting pregnancy..a little bit emotional but being excited and positive help. Bless, being cranky, and emotional roller are common. the wait for the O can be tiresome and endless. i ovulate late with clomid day 17. i started testing on cd9. by the way clomid can dry your cm so taking robutissin or mucinex til the big O. I heard pre-seed help. I did not used it this time because did not know about it.


MelissaSLP - May 3

I didn't get super emotional or moody until the Clomid was upped to 100 and then 150 mg. The lower doses didn't bother me. I also got major hot flashes. My cycles were long with the clomid (34 days, O'd on day 19 or so), but were non-existant without clomid. Baby Dust to you!!!!


TripletMom - May 3

I was an emotional mess for about a week. I also suffered hot flashes frequently


Shey - May 3

I am currently not ovulating at all for the last 3 months. I also have been dx with PCOS. so with the combination of the two that would be why I am doing all of this to TTC.



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