Clomid Metformin Chance Of Twins

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Teddyfinch - May 21

from what my doctor told me that she was told at a conference for clomid and metformin was that taking both as opposed to taking clomid alone has the same end results.


LuvMyBaby - May 21

I am not sure if it increases the chance of multiple births. I was taking metformin when i got pregnant with my 2 yr old son. and I have just recently experienced a m/c. But I still want more kids. I am 31 and I still want to have at least 3 or 4. So when I go back to the dr I will ask about that clomid & metformin if they will increase my chances then that is what I need. Good luck to you all & Be Blessed.


Lyd - May 21

I was diagnosed with PCOS when I was 19 years old. Last year in december I started taking met x2 in the morning. Which seem to have helped my sugar/glucos levels though still no ovulation. So I am at day 12 in my first month of Clomid and an extra met tablet at night time. still no sign of LH rise in the mornings I am just crossing my finger for the next week or so. I am not sure how long I would be able to go on the emotional roller coaster of each month. Just hoping the mixture of clomid and Met works for me. twins or one child I would be happy with!!


Teddyfinch - May 21

hello? can anyone see this? as i said before clomid + metformin has the same effect as clomid alone... **Lyd** i wouldn't up your dosage without talking to your doctor because metformin can cause hypoglycemia if you over do it.


Queen_Wench - May 22

Teddyfinch: I'm sorry, but just about everything you've said here is incorrect. 1) Metformin does not increase insulin production; rather, it sensitizes your body to insulin so you don't overproduce. Therefore, it is extremely rare for hypoglycemia to result from met therapy alone. I'm not saying that anyone should meddle with their scripts on their own, just that there is very little chance of hypoglycemia from met. 2) Adding met to clomid has good rates of success (ovulation and pregnancy) even in clomid-resistant patients, and is a great combo. But still, clomid+met has a lower risk of multiples than clomid alone. See Oct 2007 Journal of Reproductive Medicine; May 2007 New England Journal of Medicine; March 2008 Fertility and Sterility.


Teddyfinch - May 22

queen_wench: well then i'll have to go slap my doctor and tell her she was wrong. sorry but your "public" research isn't anything compared to what doctors find out at their conferences. and i know what metformin does. my mother is diabetic and i've taken metformin. i know it makes your body more sensitive to the insulin it produces, but one of the side effects is hypoglycemia and i can imagine overdosing for your own personal gain won't help. and if someone is pre-diabetic, they are prone to hypoglycemia anyway and adding a medication to make them even more sensitive to the production of their insulin actually does cause them to experience the hypoglycemia more often. until of course, their body makes the correct amount of insulin. you should try reading the side effects from it. it's pretty clear. 2.) why, then, would my doctor tell me multiple times that metformin and clomid have ultimately the same effect as clomid alone if it wasn't true? sorry, but i trust a doctor over a google search. and you would think that considering one of the side effects of metformin is ovulation, along with clomid, the chances of multiples don't change. but i'll make sure and say a forum person said she was wrong so next time she goes to her conference she can inform them that they are all wrong due to a report someone found on the net that couldn't possibly be wrong. once again, i'll take my doc's word over yours. sorry. how much personal experience do you actually have with metformin or clomid?


Queen_Wench - May 23

Teddyfinch: Just so you know, my mum is diabetic, too, so I am no stranger to that world. And I have been taking metformin for four years now. And lordy, I am a veteran of infertility, and have used clomid (5 rounds, 4 ovulatory), letrozole (6 rounds, 6 ovulatory, 1 pregnancy with m/c at 12w), follistim (2 rounds of injects, both ovulatory w/ multiple follicles, no pregnancy), and am gearing up for IVF #1 (which is why I was checking out this board in the first place, knowing that I will have a high chance of multiples). And like you, I have confidence in my RE and clinic, as they are very much involved in research. But I do not want a fight, because in a case like this it is futile: neither of us is going to change what we think, and it doesn't really matter, anyway. Because anyone using clomid, whether with or without met, still has a chance of multiples regardless of you or I believe the chances are higher or lower... the chance is still there. And if someone is doing clomid, then they just need to accept that there is a chance of multiples, and that their chance is higher than the general population. Period.


Teddyfinch - May 25

*sigh* i don't think anyone's safe from diabetes anymore. they need to hurry up and make that cure. i took metformin, but had problems with it so had to stop. mine wasn't so much hypoglycemia as much as bowel problems that were severe. that sucked, but then again, my insulin levels were fine, so i wasn't forced to keep trying it, thank goodness! i would say i'm a veteran of infertility aswell, considering it took 7 years of trying total to see my very first ever bfp. i have to say out of everything i've ever taken for it, that huge dose of patience worked the best. my luck was with clomid, though. i took it for 3 cycles and at my first ovulatory cycle it worked. i was very very lucky. i do wish you luck on your ivf, though. i don't want a fight either, so please know that now. i've had a rough few days with stomach issues so you can tell by my responses when my days are good vs bad. and i know that clomid increases your chances of multiples. i was terrified at the thought because (had to take a break from typing to watch my two clawless cats box. it's like a hilarious silent movie) anyway, because i feel like i could one at a time better. my whole position was that clomid + metformin don't necessarily work any better than clomid alone. and i 100% believe that because i do trust what my doctor learns in her conferences. maybe i was being misunderstood in my previous posts. so, if i may, is this your first baby you're working on? this would be mine too.


Queen_Wench - May 25

<<Teddyfinch said: my whole position was that clomid + metformin don't necessarily work any better than clomid alone. >> Okay, I wasn't talking about overall success rates like you were; I was talking about rates of multiples. And yes you're right, it IS being hotly debated about whether adding met to clomid actually increases ovulation & pregnancy rates as has been claimed. But no, I was talking about what the original poster was asking, about whether met+clomid increases or decreases chances of multiples. And on that front, the preliminary research comparing women who took clomid versus clomid+met does support that the combo-therapy is showing lower rates of multiples than taking clomid alone. That's what I was saying.


Queen_Wench - May 25

OH, and yep, I'm working on child #1. I actively started TTC (as in, medical interventions after never getting pregnant on my own after years of being off birth control) in 2004. Irony of ironies, I never really needed that birth control, because I don't-- or rarely-- ovulate on my own. :-P I had never had a positive pregnancy test until the first time I had a trigger shot, and POAS for giggles. I got pregnant this past winter, but miscarried around 12w. Now I'm mentally ready to move on to IVF, and have had a consultation covering the process. Buuut... now I have to work on getting financing lined up; I certainly don't have $12,000 just sitting around!!! Oh, and I understand needing the break, 'cause cats can be freakin' hilarious sometimes!


Teddyfinch - May 25

oh ok, well i wasn't worried about the original poster at all cuz that was like over 2 years ago =P and regarding your find regarding clomid vs clomid + met...ohhhh! ok wow. well, all i can take is clomid so i better be careful lol. and yeah ttc is really scary when you have to try different ways. people ask me if i'm thrilled and while i am, i'm not ever at ease with this. i won't ever be fully relaxed in being pregnant until i have the baby because i thought i had lost it at 4w when i had horrible cramping and bleeding and pa__sed tissue. so i'm scared of losing this all the time. i wish i could just enjoy it, lol, but i enjoy the things i can like when i'm laying almost on my tummy and i feel a little flick from the inside like "hey! yeah there's someone under here ok!"


samehere - May 25

Teddy- even when the baby is here, you will enter a whole new world of paranoia. My dd is 9 and my twins are 4 and I still check to make sure they are breathing during the night. Every sneeze, rash, fever, cough, gag, not eating, eating too much...etc. It all makes the mommy mind go way off the charts. It amazes me women live longer than men with all the worrying we do.


Teddyfinch - May 26

lol samehere: i'm trying to find a time in my life when i'll relax a little but i guess now that we're on that road, worryless nights are over lol.


Macster - July 17

Has anyone with pcos gotten preg with Metformin and 50mg of Clomid? And, was twins the result?


hug_amber - December 26

I had my first daughter 5 years ago. She was definitely a surprise. We weren't trying--although we weren't practicing safe-s_x, either. Now my husband and I ARE trying and I have been diagnosed with PCOS... I am starting on a met/clomid combo. Point being, it IS possible to get pregnant without the drugs and have a healthy and happy pregnancy. Like someone else on here said, it's just a c___p shoot.


mmckee - January 9

My husband and I conceived in June 2007 and miscarried at 10w. Since then, we have been trying. I was diagnosed with PCOS shortly after the mc so I did 6 rounds of clomid alone. No ovulation. I am not in my first round of clomid+metformin. We will see in a couple of days if I actually ovulate with the combination. We are heartbroken, stressed, and scared that we won't be able to conceive. My dr. told me he was VERY surprised we even conceived in the first place. Hopefully this will be the month!



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