Clomid Metformin Combo

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SunshineSam - July 12

How many of you ladies have taken Clomid and Metformin and are happy with the combo? I was just diagnosed with PCOS, and so far I like Metformin because it takes my appet_te away. I hope to start clomid in two weeks after I see my doc for the next cycle. Any advice or input?


Maya444 - July 12

Sam- I am on the same regimen of metformin and clomid. I started taking metformin about two months ago, after finishing one clomid cycle with no ovulation. I am in the midst of my third cycle now and have yet to get results from the combo. I have heard that metformin can take a while to work and I am hoping that's the case with me. It seems like it's already working for you so that's good. Just make sure you take metformin with food because it can drastically drop your blood sugar levels. Good luck!


SunshineSam - July 12

Thanks Maya~ I did have an episodelast night were my sugar dropped. I am also diabetic so I still have so much to learn about my sugar levels and my doc told me to keep candy in my purse just in case. I like that Anyway I started to feel light headed and just plain weird. I felt like i was floating away. My DH rushed me some jelly beans to bring my sugar up. I have used Clomid for the last 3 months and this month I amtaking off and starting Metformin to give it a little time before my next cycle. I hope the doc will give me a trigger shot as I believe I so desperately may need one in order to concieve but we will see. Thanks for your support! Samantha


asmazam - August 28

hey gals im also fighting with lots of things tht has to d with pcos doctors here in uk on nhs are not giving me any medicines becoz they say tht i m overweight infact obese looking at me no ne will say tht i m an obese i have manage to lose weight on my own in last 2 mths i lost almost 1 stone i have got clomid and metformin from my home country and im thinking abt taking it on my own dont tell me not to do it becoz im fed up with the docs here ! now i wanna d sumhing and i know im on right track all i need to know id how many days i have to take clomid and metformin altogether for first th today is my1 day period do i have to start clomid on 3rd day till next five daysand stop taking it also how do i have to take metformin plz lemme know the dose of both !!



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